vCloud Beta nominations are now open. Participants in the vCloud Suite Beta will work with Product Management and Engineering teams to help define the direction of the world’s most complete, trusted, and robust virtualization platform.

The vCloud Suite includes, among other products, vSphere and vCloud Director.

Overall Information

  • Private invitation-only Beta program
  • Highly confidential – Master Software Beta Test Agreement online acceptance is required prior to visiting the Beta Community
  • TAP Partners are eligible for Beta nominations
  • Beta code drops at scheduled intervals throughout program to include new feature functionality

Technical Requirements

  • General requirements:
    • vSphere 4.x or 5.x deployed
    • At least 2 server machines and one client machine
  • Storage-specific requirements:
    • At least 3 servers:
      • on vSphere HCL
      • Storage/server (note that SSD is only necessary to test some features, not required for all):
        • at least 1 SSD + 1 HDD per server that contributes storage to VSAN;
        • by quantity: total # of HDD’s >= total # of SSD’s;
        • by capacity: SSD capacity is ~10% of total HDD capacity (best practice)
    • Storage Controller: RAID controller/HBA, if present, supporting JBOD or pass-thru mode
    • Network: 10G NIC (best practice) or 1G NIC
  • Networking-specific requirements:
    • vCenter (Beta program version)
    • ESXi (Beta program version)
    • Four 10GB NICs
    • One switch with LACP supported (Cisco switch preferred)

As a TAP member, to get nominated for vCloud Suite beta, fill this form –


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