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VMware SD-WAN and TPx Help Cut Costs, Ensure Remote Patient Services

Updated 3/9/2023

We are highlighting Olios Health and partner TPx in the new eBook Why Modern Enterprises Need SD-WAN. In healthcare, VMware SD-WAN™ enables distributed workforces, improves patient experiences, mitigates risk, ensures compliance, and more with optimized, secure, and reliable connectivity.

For any rapidly growing organization, maintaining a high quality of service (QoS) is of the utmost importance. When Olios Health and its affiliate company, Synovation Medical Group, began aggressively expanding from their 22 facilities, their existing MPLS became increasingly difficult to manage. In order to continue supporting their 1.2 million patients, who rely on telehealth, video technologies, and other demanding healthcare applications, they needed more visibility and insight into their network performance. After they began migrating to cloud infrastructure, they also needed a network with a cloud ramp available.

VMware and TPx offer a solution

“Troubleshooting is easier with VMware SD-WAN, and we have achieved a 30% reduction in cost. In the past, our IT team spent much of its time just trying to figure out what was going on in different network segments. SD-WAN allows you to identify the applications that are being utilized at the end point, and having that visibility is priceless.”

Damien Dyer, CIO of Olios Health/Synovation Medical Group

Olios Health turned to leading managed services provider TPx for a fully managed solution. This VMware partner offers unified communications, managed IT, network connectivity, and cybersecurity to upward of 50,000 customers.

To establish better QoS and management of analytics and metrics, TPx suggested VMware SD-WAN. “VMware SD-WAN gives us the visibility we need for better traffic management and network management, providing everything we need on a single pane of glass for the orchestrator, said Damien Dyer, CIO of Olios Health/Synovation Medical Group. “Being up 24×7, with consistent, reliable, fast access to applications and platforms is key to optimal patient care. Now we’re able to have better control of traffic, and we’re doing pretty awesome.”

The TPx network engineers applied their technical expertise to migrate to VMware SD-WAN with minimal downtime. Dyer described the migration process as “painless,” which is supported by the rapid deployment of the new WAN. All 22 Olios facilities were updated within six months.

Network in the Middle of Nowhere? No Problem with VMware SD-WAN

Improving visibility and reliability while streamlining management

In partnership with TPx, VMware helped Olios deliver the visibility needed to keep critical healthcare applications running as smoothly as possible. The SD-WAN solution also reduced the amount of time required for troubleshooting issues from days to minutes, optimizing the availability and performance of the network.

VMware SD-WAN allowed remote access to the system during the COVID-19 pandemic, and was able to adequately support the increased demand for telehealth during quarantine. The flexibility of the solution was crucial to allowing Olios and Synovation Medical Group to meet growing healthcare needs during such unprecedented times.

“We were perfectly poised to meet the need for additional telehealth,” said Dyer. “At the beginning of the outbreak, we were able to expand to support approximately 50% of our patients. Since then, it has dropped to approximately 20%, and we still make it available to our patients.” With its modernized and scalable VMware solution in place, Olios is now equipped to continue expanding while still supporting healthcare patients.

To learn more about how Olios and Synovation continued expansion by rapidly deploying new sites with VMware SD-WAN, read the full customer story.


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