[video] Q&A: How to Overcome Latency, Packet Loss, and Jitter Issues

Updated 12/20/2022

Hi Craig,

Due to latency, packet loss, and jitter issues — which our ISP cannot resolve — our enterprise-wide productivity has decreased. Our IT team needs a cost-effective solution that reliably connects our thousands of globally dispersed users to their business-essential apps. How should we proceed?

-A Reader

Dear Reader,

Unfortunately, this is a common problem across many organizations worldwide.

Traditional ISP networks are not always the best means for reliably transmitting real-time or latency-sensitive traffic either to the cloud or to another branch location. And while MPLS networks provide an interesting alternative, its cost can quickly skyrocket.

Here’s the good news: VMware SD-WAN powers constant tunnel monitoring to our more than 3,000 cloud gateways, which are peered closely to SaaS points of presence — ensuring improved connectivity to cloud services. The solution monitors and corrects for issues, using a few cutting-edge tools.

Dynamic Multipath Optimization™ (DMPO) delivers non-stop, real-time link surveillance on a per-packet basis to improve the capacity of your Internet links. As it analyzes quality of service across your different WAN links, DMPO’s unique technology actively and passively assesses the path performance of your tunnels — all conveyed to your team via user-friendly dashboards. If a link experiences packet loss, latency, or jitter, DMPO automatically detects the issue — within just 300 – 500 milliseconds — then performs remedial action, redirecting your traffic to alternate links that exhibit the best quality and capacity.

Dynamic Multipath Optimization (DMPO), exclusive to VMware SD-WAN, overcomes SD-WAN packet loss. It uses deep application recognition, secure overlay, link qualification, app steering, and on-demand remediation and aggregation to provide the best connection outcomes.

In the unlikely event that traffic cannot be sent on an optimal path, forward error correction — an advanced remediation engine within DMPO — kicks in and reduces SD-WAN packet loss to the greatest degree possible. Additionally, jitter buffering and link steering help reduce signal fluctuations and any surges in latency.

And you won’t need to lift a finger as these cost-effective tools are automatically enabled based upon pre-determined acceptable link metrics.

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