[video] Q&A: How to Easily Enhance Network Management with VMware SD-WAN

Updated 12/13/2022

Dear Craig,

My IT team manages multiple subsidiaries and covers the entire globe. We recently deployed a SASE vendor’s first stab at SD-WAN. We were dissatisfied with it for a few reasons: It was hard to manage, it wasn’t easily deployable, and it wasn’t multi-tenant. Is there a better solution available?

-A Reader

Dear Reader,

The scenario you described isn’t uncommon. Prior to partnering with VMware SASE and VMware SD-WAN, one customer relayed a similar experience, where their vendor’s solution became complex and challenging to manage. Consequently, they rolled out of it — reverting to their legacy system and MPLS as a last resort.

Akin to your requirements, the customer needed a solution that was easy to manage and rapidly deployable. They also required a multi-tenant capability so they didn’t feel like they were boxed in or needed to redeploy everything for their subsidiaries — they could just build on top of what they already had.

After the customer turned to VMware SD-WAN, they marveled at its easy deployability, not only in greenfield but more importantly, in brownfield, where the solution could integrate very easily with their legacy MPLS.

How did VMware SD-WAN support the customer’s brownfield situations so well? It integrated natively with the existing architecture and continued to leverage it, eliminating the need to use the overlay or what’s known as the SD-WAN fabric.

VMware SD-WAN is quick and easy to provision across your WAN: Branches, data centers, construction sites, kiosks and retail stores, with the ability to bring in 4G or 5G connectivity.

In fact, SD-WAN used the underlay, and, as the sites migrated over, the customer seamlessly switched to the SD-WAN fabric and received all its benefits, such as traffic prioritization.

Lastly, in support of the customer’s multi-tenant requirement, VMware SD-WAN leveraged its unique gateway architecture and ability to cater to a service provider model. In this manner, the solution is multi-tenant from the top down, enabling multiple divisions (tenants) to be managed by a single organization.

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