Q&A: Tame the Frustration of Multiple Vendor Interfaces

Hello Craig,

Recently we were overrun with customer tickets for service outages. After investing considerable time to research why this happened, we learned that our third-party transit or service was causing the interruption. We know there is no escaping this. Today’s cloud network landscape means we will partner with multiple vendors to provide the services we need. Is there a better way to track all these alerts and service statuses?

Dear Reader,

I understand your frustration. It can be difficult to track service statuses or outages using traditional multi-vendor solutions, which may lead to unnecessary delays in issue isolation and resolution. Additionally, pivoting to a new vendor and onboarding additional alerting UIs can add quite the overhead.

Luckily, there is a better way. Teaming VMware SD-WAN™ with several of our vendor partners empowers you with a unique, centralized hub for alerts, notifications, and monitoring – leveraging VMware Edge Network Intelligence, cloud security services from Zscaler, and integrated VNFs from Palo Alto Networks.

What does this look like? VMware Edge Network Intelligence provides a vendor-agnostic and intelligent overview with deep visibility. The built-in analytics functionality from your VMware SD-WAN Edge gathers intelligence from connected devices, LAN switches, wireless controllers, and more. Once any incident is detected, you get information-rich alerts to review, along with proactive remediation suggestions all from a single UI—regardless of the device vendor.

Layer 7 health checks enabled by Zscaler tunnels allow you to monitor latency and reachability to URLs, enabling seamless failover to alternate tunnels when those metrics fall beyond your desired thresholds. In addition to alerts offered by third-party firewall VNFs, the VMware SASE Orchestrator offers our own baked-in alerting, which signals changes in the state of the integrated VNF instance. The Orchestrator can also alert directly when VMware SD-WAN Edge high availability failovers occur, if VPN tunnel states change, if a WAN link cannot communicate with the SD-WAN service, and much more.

Not to worry if there is still a need for traditional network management service. We offer our own VMware SD-WAN Management Information Base (MIBs) for SNMP in addition to configurable webhooks, allowing traditional monitoring solutions to simply add and track specific alerts into your existing monitoring. And if your shop relies heavily on remote syslog for logging, we have that covered too.

What is the endgame? VMware SD-WAN maximizes your operational flexibility with respect to your existing alerting infrastructure.

Check out my previous blog post on how you can troubleshoot services directly from the Orchestrator itself.

Stay tuned for more upcoming news on our centralized notifications for our managed services such as VMware SASE services, Orchestrator availability, and more.

Screenshot from the VMware SASE Orchestrator
VMware SASE Orchestrator allows users to configure alerts that notify the operators, enterprise administrators or other support users, whenever an event occurs.

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