SD-WAN Case study

Network in the Middle of Nowhere? No Problem with VMware SD-WAN

Updated 11/16/2022

When VMware talks about the remote workforce, we are usually talking about employees working from a house, hotel, airport, or other locations in populated areas where Internet connections are easy to find. When MPC Kinetic talks about the remote workforce, they are talking about employees staying and working for weeks or months in extremely remote locations, including the Australian desert, where there is little terrestrial connectivity. The company was challenged to find connectivity solutions that would meet their needs.

This Australian-based company provides upstream services to many of the country’s leading energy and resource industries. Their quickly growing network is distributed across 15-20 remote sites. When the company faced the dual problems of swiftly deploying job sites in remote areas and segregating its core network infrastructure from its branch offices, they turned to VMware partner Coevolve.

VMware and Coevolve separate network traffic

Coevolve helps their clients adopt next-generation technologies such as SD-WAN, SASE, multi-cloud and collaboration solutions. With services in more than 78 countries, their client network encompasses more than 450 telcos and ISPs.

To effectively separate network traffic for separate business units and be able to deploy MPLS-based sites in a timely manner, Coevolve recommended VMware SD-WAN. This solution allows MPC Kinetic to direct network traffic from a centralized plane, and to launch additional sites that do not have traditional WAN routers. The company was soon able to rapidly expand beyond their existing remote sites.

MPC Kinetic was able to use SD-WAN technology to employ three virtual connections at each site, allowing the network traffic to be completely separated.

Enabling total network control and automation

Together, VMware and Coevolve allowed MPC Kinetic to remotely access any network endpoint from a centralized control plane. VMware SD-WAN provided total network control, increased automation, enhanced security and visibility, as well as cost reduction. Coevolve offered MPC Kinetic monthly reports regarding how each of the sites were performing.

“Seeing VMware SD-WAN enable performance even in harsh and remote conditions has enabled us to avoid significant additional expenditure and time on private MPLS,” said Brian Carroll, Group Manager IS&T, MPC Kinetic.

By employing VMware SD-WAN, MPC Kinetic immediately benefitted from enhanced security for all its sites. The flexible architecture of the solution better allows the use of data center and SaaS applications, and provides cloud security services wherever needed.

Daniel Urbina, APAC Managing Director at Coevolve, noted that “Working with MPC Kinetic to deliver services in far flung locations really demonstrates the power of good design and technology. MPC Kinetic was able to deliver connectivity to users even while in the harsh Australian desert.”

MPC Kinetic was able to cut overall costs by substituting legacy hardware routers with virtualized appliances. With the new WAN in place, MPC Kinetic will be able to capitalize on a hybrid solution in order to decrease costs by more than 80% while still increasing the performance of the sites.

To read more about how VMware helped MPC Kinetic separate network traffic across multiple isolated sites, read the full case study here.


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