[video] Q&A: Tips on Successfully Mapping Your VMware SASE Migration Journey

Updated 10/11/2022

Dear Craig,

My management recently shifted investment dollars from on-premises security to cloud security. We’re contracted with our cloud security provider for another year, but we want to move to VMware SASE architecture now. How seamless is the migration or adoption process? Do we need to swap out my security vendor today to adopt VMware SASE ?

-A Reader

Dear Reader,

VMware SASE™ architecture is very flexible and open, designed to be interoperable with your third-party cloud security vendor. In fact, the system easily expedites your vendor integration in just a few easy steps. You can think of it as hitting the “easy button”. So, you won’t need to jettison your current practices or move away from the way you’re conducting business at all.

What’s the key for adopting VMware SASE? Take a phased approach by building out your SASE infrastructure and slowly migrating it into your existing architecture. For example, as you kick off your SASE journey, you can integrate components like VMware SD-WAN™ and VMware Secure Access™ at a relaxed pace — minimizing any disruption to your enterprise.

Once you’ve transformed your networking infrastructure and remote access infrastructure — which can completely coexist with your existing security software — you can quickly add new users and apps into your infrastructure and migrate new resources whenever you want. This takes your system to the next level, evolving it from basic network capabilities to a unified policy and automated ops.

You may even want to migrate from your current security provider to VMware SASE cloud-based security. What’s the benefit of going with a single vendor solution? You’ll find that it simplifies your operations, increases visibility, and reduces your costs.

Your transition will be smooth because VMware SASE’s unified management plane will help you execute your migration plan. You’ll also be able to leverage VMware Edge Network Intelligence™, which will provide you with critical visibility into the end-user experience, all through the migration process. This will help you track the success of your migration.

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