[video] Q&A: How to Ensure Network Security with Seamless Multi-Vendor Integration

Updated 10/5/2022

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When facing complex security scenarios, such as how to protect our network, the process becomes more complicated for our small IT team. To counteract these threats, we feel the easiest path is to partner with one SSE vendor, but there’s a lot of fish in the sea — who’s most reliable?

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I understand why you’d want to select one vendor as it will likely simplify your management and minimize your overhead. Keep in mind that most vendors will need to integrate with one or more third-party security vendors to ensure comprehensive and reliable network protection. Unfortunately, that cross-vendor component integration often becomes clunky or difficult for many of them to accomplish.

Conversely, VMware SASE provides a one-stop-shop solution that stitches together cutting-edge security components and powers seamless integration with multiple third-party security services to provide optimum results. The ultimate objective is to minimize touch — reducing the types of different consoles you must tap into and decreasing the number of interfaces you must use to execute on your plan of action.

For example, VMware SASE builds tunnels to cloud security service providers like Zscaler, which enables a very smooth connection. This lies in stark contrast to other vendors who must build an IPsec tunnel to that vendor.

Diving a bit deeper, what if you have a baked-in firewall that you’re not willing to part with? No worries, VMware SASE can incorporate that into its architecture, leveraging the firewall’s services to provide a customized solution that fits your needs.

VMware SASE network diagram showing connections through SASE PoPs to any cloud

What’s the secret sauce that drives this integration? It’s all about the architecture that offers a unique footprint of more than 3,000 cloud gateways spanning 150+ SASE points of presence from VMware and its partners around the world. This provides optimum app performance and security, empowering you to:

  • Connect directly to the cloud to eliminate backhauling and slash latency.
  • Safeguard your end users across all your locations with uniform, cloud-delivered security services — including advanced threat protection, native SSL inspection, access controls, and DSP.
  • Simplify centralized policy and WAN management.
  • Speed deployment at scale via zero-touch provisioning to deliver security and performance on day one.

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