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Customer Corner June 2022

Happy Summer!

I am sure many of you are reading this email hoping to get more information about the big news announced late last month. For that, I encourage you to read the first story in this month’s newsletter, and reach out to your partners and account teams as they will be able to help you more directly. As that information will tell you, we continue to be full steam ahead executing our roadmap and bringing you great content and events.

We have had an overwhelming response to our troubleshooting webinar series with over 550 attendees for the first installment in the 6-week lineup! It’s not too late to sign up for the series and get access to the recordings. I hope to see you there!

This month we have a bunch of things for you including:

  • Broadcom update
  • Upcoming webinars + tips and tricks
  • Learn about VMware Cloud Web Security
  • Where in the world is Craig Connors? Check out the video series
  • Customer spotlight: Brandeis

As always, let us know how we are doing, and please check out the details below.

Regarding Broadcom acquisition

As you may have seen in the news, we have entered into an agreement for VMware to be acquired by Broadcom [here]. This is an important milestone for VMware, and I wanted to reach out directly to explain.

Broadcom is one of the world’s largest technology companies and a leader in hardware infrastructure, data center and network innovation. Following the closing of the transaction, VMware will become the software platform and brand for Broadcom, incorporating Broadcom’s existing infrastructure and security software solutions as part of the VMware portfolio. We will provide enterprise customers an expanded suite of mission-critical solutions to accelerate innovation and address their most complex information technology infrastructure challenges. After the deal closes, the combined solutions will enable greater choice and flexibility for our customers to modernize, build, deploy, connect, and protect applications consistently, in a Multi-Cloud world.

The transaction is expected to close during Broadcom’s fiscal year 2023 (Nov. 2022-Oct. 2023). For us, it is business as usual, with our current and growing product portfolio and the same level of service and support as we continue to serve you and your teams. We remain focused on working with you to meet your digital business transformation goals and want to continue to win in our edge and telco markets across SASE, 5G and Edge Compute – so we are 100% full-throttle go.

Tips and Tricks: Troubleshooting Webinar Series – BGP Received vs Learned Routes

This month’s tip and trick comes from our ongoing 6 episode weekly SD-WAN Troubleshooting webinar series.  If you haven’t registered yet, do that here and get access to the upcoming episodes and the past 2 episodes.  Next Tuesday we’ll be talking about HA in detail with topics such as Conditional Backhaul and API in the following weeks.  Register here!

On the Remote Diagnostics page you will see options to Show BGP Neighbor Learned Routes and Show BGP Neighbor Received Routes.  A common question is, what is the difference?  Leo explained this well in our webinar and we will try to summarize that here. 

Essentially, the Received Routes list shows any and all routes that are received from any BGP neighbors.  It does NOT list routes that are actually used by the Edge in its routing decisions.  The Learned Routes list shows what routes ARE used in the Edge’s routing table and routing decisions.  The Learned Routes list is derived from the Received Routes list.  The reason they may be different include route filters, route metrics, or configurations that limit what routes are used in actual routing decisions.  Said another way, the Received Routes list is before filters are applied and the Learned Routes list is after filters are applied.  Check your BGP configurations to see if filters or other settings are in place if you are confused why routes show in the Received Routes list and not in the Learned Routes list.  If you still have questions you can always open a support ticket or check out this documentation to learn more.

Learn about VMware Cloud Web Security

We presented VMware Cloud Web Security in a previous webinar, and it is one of our most viewed recordings. There’s a lot of transformational wisdom in the webinar recording. We encourage you to watch the recording. It’s a great overview.

  • 1:30 – Webinar Starts, Agenda, General Overview
  • 9:39  – Solution Benefits
  • 15:42 – Use Cases
  • 23:00 – Packet Flow
  • 24:15 – Set up configuration in SD-WAN, live demo
  • 25:15 – Security Policies, URL Filtering, Content filtering/inspection
  • 39:59 – CASB
  • 48:40 – Monitoring Threats

Additionally, we will be publishing more educational content and hopefully publishing an ROI calculator. Join us for more discussions here: Cloud Web Security Demo

Video series: SASE Q&A By the Bay

Craig Connors, VP and GM of the SASE business at VMware has been hosting several fun and informative videos, answering questions from customers. Check out all seven episodes below and if you have more questions, definitely send them our way for a chance to have your question featured.

Check out the VMware SASE and Edge YouTube channel here.

Customer Spotlight: Brandeis University

The Brandeis University network constantly generates reams of data, and the volume can be a challenge. Manually sifting through each relevant log and data point when a network problem happens would be nearly impossible. Without a single source of truth to establish baselines for normal operations, university IT lacks visibility, and that hampers their ability to remediate issues when they occur. VMware Edge Network Intelligence shows Brandeis a clear picture of network activity through all layers and helps them eliminate guesswork. Brandeis IT can not only fix problems faster, but analytics help them predict and prevent future network problems.

Read the full case study here.


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