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Safeguard Your Edge: Abe Ankumah to Present at Gartner Security Risk Management Summit

Join the VMware SASE™ and Edge team and VMware VP of Product Management Abe Ankumah at the Gartner Security Risk Management Summit, June 7-10, 2022 in National Harbor, MD. Abe will show you how a SASE architecture can seamlessly connect and protect distributed workloads, multi-cloud environments, and people who can work from anywhere. Plan to visit VMware booth 625 for engaging demos about how to secure modern apps, the anywhere workspace and multi-cloud environments, and modernizing your SOC.

Securing new use cases at the edge

“Digital transformation” is an over-used phrase, but it does represent a real change in the way enterprises are structuring their networks and computing resources. No longer confined to the boundaries of the data center or the office, modern apps and the people who use them can be located anywhere. While workers are distributed anywhere from their homes to a coffee shop to a train, the infrastructure they access is distributed across data centers, clouds and at the edge.

This shift is enabling fantastic new use cases, from smart manufacturing to immersive retail to autonomous vehicle control – or simply working from anywhere with an unparalleled user experience. These use cases are powered by technologies across telco and private networks including carrier 5G, private 5G and multi-access edge compute, network slicing, content delivery networks (CDN), secure access service edge (SASE), and mobile edge. Multiple layers and touchpoints must be orchestrated and protected from threats if they are to reach their potential.

How do you bring order to this distributed chaos?

VMware SASE brings security and networking together

VMware’s vision for the edge brings the disparate parts together with SASE. SASE shifts from a data center-centric to a user-centric approach to enable you to take advantage of application modernization. In this model, security is inherent in each part of the system. App access is no longer forced take the slow, hairpinned route through a central data center. Users are authenticated based on identity, not whether they are inside an enterprise perimeter.

In the VMware SASE model, security and networking are closely related. VMware SASE PoPs are geographically diverse onramps that are located within milliseconds of major cloud and SaaS services. They contain a single-pass security architecture, with edge intelligence for self-healing and visibility, to ensure consistent security enforcement no matter where the user or app is. Users connect to the PoP, are authenticated, and get direct access to the software they need. It’s as simple, and secure, as that.

VMware SASE is an integrated solution for both security and networking, helping organizations pare down their point solutions and enjoy end-to-end visibility and control in a single management plane. But VMware SASE is also open, supporting many integrations with the point solutions you want to keep. This helps facilitate expansion scenarios including third-party access, collaboration applications, and mergers, without having to make big security or configuration changes in the network.

Learn more at Gartner Security Risk Management Summit

VMware SASE has a global PoP infrastructure, delivers consistent security models based on user identity, and supports apps and users no matter where they are, for better security and performance at lower costs. We invite you to hear more about it at Gartner Security Risk Management Summit. On Thursday June 9, Abe Ankumah will speak about “The Convergence of Multi-Cloud, Edge, Remote Work = SASE.” Learn how your enterprise can take advantage of SASE now to create flexible, secure environments for your digital transformation (no matter what you call it).


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