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Join VMware SASE at Layer123 Reunion 2022

On your way to Layer123 Reunion 2022 in Madrid, Spain, April 26-28? If so, be sure to attend two dynamic in-person panel sessions that will provide expert insights on how VMware SASE™ can help take your enterprise network and security to the next level.

Wednesday, April 27   12:15 – 12:55 pm

SASE: What, Why, and When?”

Aamer Akhter, Director of Product Management for VMware SASE Security, joins a distinguished panel of experts to examine how and why companies are reimagining their network cybersecurity architectures and how organizations are rapidly integrating SASE into their framework.

This panel discussion explores:

  • What is SASE?
  • Why is SASE the preferred architecture to secure SD-WAN managed services?
  • When is widespread adoption of SASE expected?
  • How is VMware SASE responding to the evolving network cybersecurity landscape?

Thursday, April 28   2:15 – 3:15 pm

“Not All SD-WANs and SASEs are Architected Equally”

Anand Srinivas, Office of the CTO, Service Provider and Edge BU, joins a renowned panel of specialists to analyze the different approaches that service providers take for offering networking and security services to large enterprises and SMBs.

One approach is VMware SASE, a cloud-native architecture, which combines VMware SD-WAN together with cloud-delivered security services such as VMware Secure Access and VMware Cloud Web Security.

We look forward to seeing you at Layer 123 Reunion 2022!

Learn more

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  • For a closer look at VMware SASE, check out the white paper, “Intro to SASE: The Case for VMware SASE” here
  • Want a closer look at VMware SD-WAN? Read the solution overview.


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