Customer Corner February 2022

We had a very busy start to the year with 5 webinars and our WAN insiders meeting for customers and partners. And we have more great content and announcements to come! 

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 In the meantime, check out these topics: 

  • DLP is coming to VMware Cloud Web Security™
  • VMware Edge Network Intelligence™ training in 10-minute lessons 
  • Webinar roundup: Don’t miss our next event + Q&A and recordings 
  • Tips and Tricks: Recurring Reports 
  • Customer story: Bullseye Telecom  

As always, let us know how we are doing in the comments, and please check out the details below. Have a topic you’d like to see covered in an upcoming newsletter? Let us know! 

DLP is coming to VMware Cloud Web Security! 

Data loss prevention (DLP) will be added to VMware Cloud Web Security (part of VMware SASE™) at the end of this month. This means that you can now prevent sensitive data from leaving your secured environments.  No more credit card numbers, social security numbers, postal addresses, etc. sent to people or places it shouldn’t go.   

DLP monitors, detects, blocks, and reports data exposure. It helps address compliance needs in industries such as healthcare (HIPAA) or retail (PCI). VMware Cloud Web Security includes default dictionaries for over 350 data types that are classified as sensitive data. The solution also provides the option to create custom definitions using strings or regular expressions. 

Look out for more details and a future webinar topic once it’s live!  

VMware Edge Network Intelligence training in 10-minute lessons 

We’re trying something new!  VMware Edge Network Intelligence training is one of the most requested things we hear about from our current SASE customers. So we will send short, quick-to-digest email lessons on how to set it up. Our team will help you get this solution set up the same way that our most successful organizations currently use it. 

You need to sign up for this one! 

In our last lesson, we addressed automatic annotations in VMware Edge Network Intelligence.

Register now for the SD-WAN Business Policy & Cloud VPN deep dive webinar 

Join us for a deep dive on two VMware SD-WAN™ topics: 

  • Business policies and how to get the most out of them 
  • Policies are the most powerful component of the Cloud Orchestrator. Whether you are routing traffic based on policy, or inspecting it for content, this session will help you get the most out of configuring business policies. 
  • Disabling branch-to-branch VPN on hub VMware SD-WAN Edges 
  • From our support team, we bring you a common configuration error that can have some critical performance implications. We will take a look at branch to VPN settings, why you might configure them, and how it can affect performance.  

Sign up here for the session on March 3rd at 11 am ET 

Sign up here for the session on March 3rd at 8 pm ET 

VMware Cloud Web Security webinar FAQs 

The SASE webinar covering VMware Cloud Web Security had a lot of great questions and we’ve published them all for each of you to review. The webinars we present are a great way for you to ask your questions or just participate in the larger conversation. Here are a few of the questions that were asked: 

  • Can you explain how you decrypt SSL at the SASE PoP? Without certs? How is this possible? 
  • What is the latency advantage when comparing 3rd party cloud security providers and integrated VMware Cloud Web Security? 
  • Is directory integration available to sync with a customers Azure AD, on-premises AD, Okta, etc.?

View the answers to the FAQs here

Did you miss the VMware Edge Network Intelligence deep dive? 

Our product management and CTO team did a deep-dive into VMware Edge Network Intelligence in our webinar last week. Check out the recording to see how the product works and how to get some great insights into your edge network. 

Here’s a preview of what you can learn: 

  • VMware Edge Network Intelligence vision going forward  
  • General product updates
  • Analytics feature updates  
  • New feature demos  

ENI Deep Dive webinar recording 

Access Passcode: !c&*5&q6 

View All Previous Webinars 

Tips and Tricks: Recurring reports 

Buckle up! We’re heading to the new UI to get some automatic, recurring reports spun up. VMware SD-WAN will email you a link to a report. These reports can be sent as PDF, CSV or both.

This functionality is available in the old UI, but it’s time to play in the new UI! We’re going to set up a weekly scheduled report in the steps below. 

  1. “Open New Orchestrator UI” (at the top of the screen) 
  1. Click “Reports” on the left hand navigation 
  1. Click “New Report” 
  1. Click the blue “Custom” button 
  1. Click “Schedule a recurring report” 
  1. Generate a report for the “Last Week” and schedule it to recur every Monday at 1:00pm 
  1. Leave all of the detail items checked. Feel free to review the description by expanding the right hand sections. Select “Next” 
  1. “Include all Edges” then select “Next” 
  1. Give the report a name. Send the email to a list of users (separated by comma) if you’d like. 
  1. Click “Submit” 
  1. Emails will be sent from “” so you may need to create an inbox rule.

We also recommend bookmarking the reports page for easy access. 

Customer story: BullsEye Telecom and Mitch Albom 

“I want to say a special thank you to all the great people at BullsEye Telecom … They put together our call center in 24 hours, overnight. Remember, a telethon or radiothon is kind of useless if your phones don’t work, and our phones worked fantastically.” 

Mitch Albom, author and founder of SAY Detroit

Check out the full case study to learn about how BullsEye Telecom:  

  • Adopted VMware SD-WAN
  • Supports a variety of clients and use cases 
  • Appreciates simple deployment 
  • Supports charities and uses VMware SD-WAN for good 


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