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VMware Cloud Web Security: Supercharging Productivity and Safeguarding Distributed Workforces

Security remains a key consideration for companies as breaches continue to cost them millions. Examining the threat landscape around the world, the average cost for a corporate data breach in 2020 was nearly $4 million. During 2021, enterprise IT teams detected more than 16,000 critical vulnerabilities.

This new normal of distributed work has opened the door to significantly widened attacks, targeting those working from anywhere. To stay productive, your employees need to access web and SaaS applications at any time from any location on any device — creating unprecedented challenges for enterprise IT ops teams as 43% of breaches involve web applications.

VMware Cloud Web Security — a key component offered within VMware SASE — protects users and infrastructure against internal and external threats while accessing web applications. Providing visibility and control into SaaS applications, VMware Cloud Web Security detects and responds to threats in support of SaaS or web applications automatically — recommending solutions to rapidly solve problems.

And what if this capability was delivered as a service from 150 points of presence (PoPs) — deployed by VMware and its SASE service provider partners — that could provide secure, consistent, and efficient app access from any location or device and allow new services and new users to be added or modified as needed?

Today, it is possible.

VMware Cloud Web Security enables operational simplicity and consistent policy alignment, delivering a secure, seamless experience for users across the distributed workplace. Provided as a cloud-hosted service, the solution carries up-to-date threat intel — eliminating the need to apply patches to any on-premises device.  

From supporting you and your users with a local presence to simplifying how you define, deploy, and enforce security policies to web and SaaS applications, VMware Cloud Web Security drives increased productivity while protecting your workforce from security threats.

Leveraging a local presence to power enhanced user productivity

Consider all the distributed users that you might have in your organization. They may be employees, contractors, or guests. They may be working from a variety of locations, including a branch office, a campus environment, their home office, or even a coffee shop. And they may be using a variety of devices such as a company-issued laptop, their own personal device, or a mobile device.

How can you provide VMware Cloud Web Security when users are so widely distributed? By leveraging a global network of SASE PoPs, teams administer services much closer to users, on the best possible path to SaaS and web app destinations, speeding service activation at cloud scale.

Delivering a suite of networking security capabilities, SASE PoPs provide a local presence, helping users avoid backhauling through datacenters when connecting to apps. Unlike other solutions, VMware Cloud Web Security protects web application traffic inline on the optimal path between users and their applications, improving user experience and productivity. Providing this direct path substantially reduces latency for users when they are connecting to the cloud and SaaS apps, improving productivity and user experience while reducing bandwidth costs.

Simplifying IT ops with a single management plane

For many IT teams, simplifying security policy definition, deployment, and enforcement remains the holy grail. How do you get there from here?

VMware SASE offers centralized orchestration using a single pane of management. That enables VMware Cloud Web Security to effectively replace archaic, siloed configuration policy management tools. This helps you and your team consistently define and deploy security policies for every distributed user profile, no matter their location, via SASE PoPs. And as security policies are established, they’re enforced efficiently across the entire network.

This centralized orchestrator helps you integrate and manage security and networking services as a converged stack across your distributed enterprise — eliminating troublesome blind spots. It empowers everyone including SecOps, NetOps, CIOs, CISOs, and compliance teams to have improved visibility and control into network performance and security — helping them find and fix issues with increased speed.

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Want a deeper dive into how you can use VMware Cloud Web Security to protect your distributed employees and boost productivity across your enterprise?  Check out the insightful webinar, “Help Protect Anywhere Workforces with VMware Cloud Web Security”, recently presented at VMworld.


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