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New Blog Series: Customer Corner

This monthly blog series features our VMware SASE customer newsletter. If you enjoy reading these updates, email Kelsi Cooke to sign up to receive the newsletter.

We had a fantastic WAN Insiders conversation with our customer insiders recently. It’s great to get direct feedback from our customers and we enjoyed opening the discussion to learn about top of mind issues. Check out the recap below. If you are interested in joining the discussion by becoming a WAN Insider, please sign up here!

We have confirmed the date for our next customer webinar, Thursday November 11th. Please register today and check out the details below!

 This month’s newsletter includes:

  • November customer webinar confirmed
  • VMware SD-WAN™ 4.5 released
  • Tips and Tricks: Hub-and-spoke design
  • This month’s customer spotlight: Tilson Homes
  • Design feedback opportunity
  • WAN Insiders report

November customer webinar

We are excited to hosting our second customer webinar on Thursday November 11th at 1:30 ET (10:30 PT). Using the feedback from the July webinar, we have some great topics lined up with fantastic speakers. This webinar will cover:

  • Tips and tricks – Leveraging Edge profiles and gathering info in the VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator to make your life easier
  • Get a first look at the all-new UI for VMware SD-WAN!

We will also give away two SD-WAN 510 LTE Edges and two $50 gift cards to four lucky participants on the webinar – must be present to win!

Register today!

VMware SD-WAN 4.5 released

Release 4.5.0 includes important features and enhancements to VMware SASE, VMware SD-WAN and VMware Edge Network Intelligence™. It is recommended for all customers who require the features and functionality made available in Release 4.5.0.

New features will allow customers more SD-WAN deployment options with additional security, plus endpoint visibility and analytics through VMware Edge Network Intelligence with AIOps. Release 4.5.0 empowers existing SD-WAN partners and customers to migrate to SASE to enable VMware Secure Access™ and VMware Cloud Web Security™ capabilities. You can read the details on this update on the docs site. Here are some highlights!

VMware SD-WAN enhancements

  • IPv6 on LAN to WAN underlay support including IPv6 on LAN, IPv6 routing, BGPv6, BFDv6, IPv6 reverse path forwarding, and IPv6 monitoring
  • Gateway NAT tracking feature provides service to stream NAT tracking details of every flow being NAT’ed by the VMware SD-WAN Gateway/Partner Gateway PGW to an external log server
  • Introducing new non-Wi-Fi Hardware Edge appliances: 510N, 610N, 620N, 640N and 680N
  • USB ports on VMware SD-WAN Edges can now be activated or deactivated through the VMware Orchestrator

This release will be rolled out to all hosted Orchestrators in the next several weeks.

Tips and tricks: Hub and spoke design

This month’s tip comes from the SD-WAN Support team and is something they see fairly frequently.  If your SD-WAN environment is deployed using a hub and spoke topology, you should have separate profiles.  Rather than having a single profile for your hubs and spokes together, there should be a profile for your hub(s), and another for your spokes — even if the configuration is the same initially.

If down the road a change needs to be made to one section or the other, with a single overlapping profile you may find yourself manually changing, or overriding, the profile on many individual devices.  Creating separate or multiple profiles allows you to make changes to only the specific portion of the topology you want, without having to change anything manually on each device.   

Check out more information on creating profiles here.

Customer spotlight: Tilson Homes

In the competitive custom home marketplace, rich media is a great way to help buyers visualize their future houses. Texas-based Tilson Homes has been building custom homes for more than 90 years and has 11 sales centers throughout the state. As the application needs of Tilson Homes shifted, they needed a newer infrastructure to support their sales efforts.

To learn more about how Tilson Homes and their partner Meriplex improved upon their client experience by reimagining the WAN architecture, read the full case study here.

Design feedback opportunity

Our design team is looking for some customers to provide feedback on the new UI. If you are interested please click here to connect with the design team. They will set up a few short meetings with you to go through how you use the product today and then get your feedback on some design ideas they are working on.

Sign up here.

WAN Insiders October recap

We had a great customer WAN Insiders meeting on Tuesday October 26th. The panel chose to focus on:

  • Top of mind: Edge Compute Stack, led by Marilyn Basanta
    • We covered where VMware is going with edge compute including edge-native applications, and had a good discussion about where our customers are on their journey with edge compute
  • Roadmap: Next major SD-WAN roadmap (Ursus)/general SD-WAN roadmap, led by Kishan Ramaswamy
    • Kishan Ramaswamy covered the roadmap for our next SD-WAN release and we covered a few topics including CLI access to the edges and configuration strategies.
  • Q&A:
    • We had some great discussions on encryption, L2 extension, licensing and more

 If you want to join the discussion, sign up here.


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