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Guest post: What to do when next big things in tech are ready for primetime

Guest post by Hillol Roy, 5G Global Product and Offering Lead, Accenture

Leaders from Accenture and VMware help you translate tech buzzwords into business case-worthy ideas. Learn more at VMworld 2021.

Tech media discussions are dominated by the potential of technologies like edge computing and secure access service edge (SASE), 5G, artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning (ML), and multi-cloud. Each has the potential to reshape the way business is done, yet IT leaders are left looking for more guidance on how to translate these solutions — selectively or collectively — for growth, cost reduction and NPS improvement. How can they justify the investment? And how do they get started on this journey towards increased agility, superior customer and employee experience, and intelligent automation?

I’m pleased to share that you will be able to get answers to some of these questions in an on-demand session at VMworld, where I will be joined by two colleagues from Accenture’s strategic partner, VMware:   

  • Mahesh Seshadri, Principal Architect, Professional Services Product Management
  • Vijay Kanchi, ‪Director, Professional Services Product Management

The session, “Next-Gen Services for Business Model Innovation, New Revenue Opportunities” uses real-world examples from organizations already benefitting from these new capabilities. Their innovations span from production optimization all the way to streamlining mission-critical processes, such as disaster recovery.

In this session we focus on the three foundations of next generation services – instrumentation, interconnectedness, and intelligence.

  • Instrumentation allows businesses to track location, performance and state through sensors and data gathering devices.
  • Interconnectedness involves the ability to rapidly exchange data and is made possible by 5G capabilities such as ultra-low latency, machine-to-machine communications, and vast bandwidth.
  • Intelligence, enabled by techniques like edge computing and machine learning, gives organizations the ability to analyze data, infer next steps, and automatically react to conditions more quickly and precisely than any human could.

We show how combining these foundations can lead to business model innovations that drive new opportunities, such as:

  • Hospitals that can provide superior service to patients, both local and remote, through access to more data and ultra-fast networks enabling technologies like augmented and virtual reality and AI.
  • Energy facilities that realize the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) through predictive maintenance, minimizing downtime and maximizing production output by leveraging private 5G networks and powerful edge computing.

The session closes by offering the audience a measured path forward, from sensible cloudification all the way through to fully connected digital enterprises. Such enterprises are built on accelerated deployment and orchestration, technologies empowering organizations to pursue new use cases and business opportunities.

Accenture and VMware have joined forces to develop strategic solutions together, recognizing that digital transformation is fueled by agile platforms and deep industry expertise. Learn how our partnership benefits enterprises and drives business results through the adoption of multi-cloud architecture, 5G and AI.

If you look to help your business take the lead in its industry, we believe this session is for you. Sign up for VMworld today. To learn more about how we can help you with these next-generation opportunities in your industry, we will share an email address after the session that you can use to reach out to us.

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