How Different Organizations Can Benefit from SD-WAN

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From supporting school districts to healthcare organizations to retail, VMware SD-WAN serves as a critical lynchpin for optimizing networks, reducing IT team workloads and enhancing end-user internet experiences.  

The rise of SD-WAN is no secret — its use is projected to grow at a rate of 34.5% per year between now and 2025. Soon, SD-WAN for businesses and government organizations will be like Wi-Fi for regular people: Ubiquitous and a presumed component of an organization’s network. Here are 5 dynamic case study examples, spotlighting how SD-WAN has significantly benefitted organizations across several sectors.

Education: School District Creates New Services With SD-WAN

Paradise Unified School District (PUSD) in northern California recently suffered from devastating wildfires and needed to establish networking services as it emerged from the ashes. The school district required a solution capable of supporting a large student and faculty body which was spread across several campuses.

To get granular control over bandwidth usage, PUSD’s IT team relied on TPx managed services and VMware SD-WAN. This enabled them to optimize existing internet bandwidth and provide a tremendously comprehensive service to its community of teachers and learners. It also helped the team advance their service a step further by providing voice service across the entire school district.

Retail: Brooks Brothers

Recently, Brooks Brothers’ small, six-person IT team was tasked with addressing connectivity issues at its retail locations, which were experiencing expensive outages. The company used VMware SD-WAN Edge devices to remedy the issue. Before implementing  SD-WAN, the shift to a failover system was unpredictable at best — and required several hours of remediation at worst. Harnessing this new SD-WAN environment enabled the seamless transition to failover, requiring less than a second.

Additionally, their SD-WAN architecture made it easier to onboard new retail locations, slashing the time necessitated to deploy a new circuit from several days to a matter of hours.

Health Care: Synovation and Olios Health

Olios Health, an affiliate of Synovation Medical Group, needed to ensure that more than 400 doctors, nurses, and other employees spread across four states had access to 1.2 million patients’ electronic medical records.

By leveraging VMware SD-WAN and TPx managed services, Olios Health’s IT team deployed a solution in only six months across 22 sites. Additionally, the system also powered a unified communications network, complete with video conferencing for their telehealth programs.

Finance: Major, Multinational Bank

A multinational bank with millions of customers needed to enhance agility in order to satisfy customer demands. The company sought to innovate faster, improve how they used customer analytics, and provide new, cutting-edge services to their client base.

To solve these challenges, they combined VMware SD-WAN with private cloud architecture, using a deployment strategy that eliminated the need to create an entirely new IT organization. Consequently, the bank projects to save more than $500 million over five years.

Non-Profit: E Center

E Center, an organization dedicated to creating healthy communities, needed to improve the reliability of its network and get better technical support—while spending less. To overcome the challenge, E Center’s IT team leveraged the bandwidth management capabilities of VMware SD-WAN to optimize the network’s bandwidth, use less resources, and conserve budget. Simultaneously, the team incorporated two circuits at each SD-WAN-enabled location for failover purposes, which has been especially important in those rural locations that used to have significant downtime.

In addition, E Center gained deep visibility into network throughput, traffic direction, and all devices across the network. E Center’s investment in network upgrades has paid off — saving the company approximately $9,000 each month.

These examples merely scratch the surface. VMware SD-WAN gives any WAN-enabled organization the ability to rapidly optimize its network. To learn more about how SD-WAN can support your organization’s goals, reach out to TPx today.

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