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AIOps: The Secret Sauce for Delivering SASE at Scale

IT teams around the world are leveraging secure access service edge (SASE) to significantly improve their network management. Combining SASE with Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) enables them to scale their visibility across the entire network, helping them spot network issues early and perform self-healing, increasing efficiency and productivity across the enterprise.  

Prior to the pandemic, the number of remote workers in the U.S. increased by 173% between 2005 and 2018.

When the pandemic arrived, that number exploded practically overnight, making working from home (WFH) the new normal for enterprises around the world.

IT teams encountered a logistical nightmare as they were tasked with supporting a network using outdated tools. End users were suddenly forced to cope with issues ranging from high-latency app access to dangerous cyber security threats.

To support their distributed workforce, network operations teams evolved by integrating a cloud-based model that leveraged secure access service edge (SASE) to simplify and modernize IT operations, improve connectivity, ensure low latency for users and boost security for every WFH user.

When organizations teamed SASE with AIOps, they took their network management to an entirely different level, gaining complete visibility into their networks. Combining machine learning, AI, big data, and other advanced analytics technologies to enhance IT management, AIOps delivers a game-changing capability to radically improve IT operational efficiency.

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Drowning in Data No More

What happens when thousands, even millions of employees, devices and apps are suddenly using remote networks that corporate IT doesn’t control? It creates a myriad of issues that threaten business continuity, ranging from dropped Zoom calls to apps that run at a snail’s pace.

Now fielding calls from users all over the world, the IT team is drowning in data as they leverage antiquated legacy tools to study countless data points, determine the root cause of network and security issues, and perform corrective actions.  

To effectively address these problems, administrators require AIOps as part of a next-gen networking and security solution that empowers teams to scale across the entire enterprise network with lightning speed. In fact, 44% of IT teams say AIOps is key for helping them optimize their networks. Equipped with capabilities like anomaly detection, automated root cause analysis and self-healing, administrators can rapidly react and engineer solutions, which could range from increasing bandwidth to improving quality of service settings.

Under the Hood: Keys for Deploying AIOps

Using AIOps helps teams effectively scale SASE by analyzing network performance and every user’s application experience. This gives teams a holistic view of the entire network landscape and reduces their workload — especially critical if teams are facing personnel shortages — and improves their output. In fact, 41% of IT workers expect AIOps to enhance their operational efficiency.

What’s the secret to deploying AIOps across your network?

It starts by analyzing the transactions of every end-client device on your network as they connect and access critical applications. To do this with VMware SASE, all it takes is enabling VMware Edge Network Intelligence  in the VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator and you are good to go. 

Next, augment your analysis by sending additional data sources to the system including from wireless LAN controllers, application servers, and optionally end-client devices by way of the VMware Edge Network Intelligence client application. 

Once your data starts pouring in, VMware Edge Network Intelligence will automatically measure and baseline device performance, detect anomalous behavior, determine root causes and even recommend improvements, and automatically program the network for remediation.

Since the pandemic arrived — and even before — more and more employees across industries increasingly began working remotely. This trend isn’t likely to subside anytime soon and as more users and more apps tap into enterprise networks, IT teams must provide SASE at scale by using AIOps. This empowers them to catalog and measure tremendous amounts of data for boosting app performance and network self-healing so that WFH employees are more productive than ever.

Want to learn more about how enterprises can incorporate SASE solutions with AIOps smarts? Check out the webinar, “Prepare for a Work from Anywhere Future with AIOps-driven SASE” on August 26 at 10am PST or watch on demand later.


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