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Announcing General Availability of VMware Cloud Web Security

Today, VMware is excited to announce the general availability of VMware Cloud Web Security™, a cloud-hosted service that better protects users and infrastructure accessing SaaS and Internet applications.

VMware Cloud Web Security, delivered from the VMware SASE Platform™, extends the advantages of VMware SD-WAN™ and VMware Secure Access™ to connect users working from anywhere to applications in the cloud with enhanced security enforcement along the path from the user to the application. VMware SASE™ combines industry-leading SD-WAN with cloud-delivered security to deliver flexibility, agility, protection, and scale for enterprises of all sizes.

VMware SASE is architected to leverage the power of the cloud while minimizing complexity at the edge. It is an easy to consume, one-stop-shop for security and network services, enabling a unified edge and cloud service model with a single place to manage business policy, configuration, and monitoring. VMware SASE is uniquely extensible which allows VMware to support more new edge services in the future. The solution is delivered through a global network of over 150 VMware SASE points of presence (PoPs) to enable optimal access to applications.

Changing threat landscape and user experiences

As enterprises and users accelerate adoption of SaaS and Internet applications, and a larger number of people work from anywhere, IT teams have had to grapple with compromised security, poor user experience, and increased complexity from managing “branches of one.”

In this scenario, the threat to devices and enterprise networks abounds. A research study conducted by Deep Instinct reveals that malware increased by 358% in 2020(1). Research by Verizon Business shows that 90% of breaches are from web and email attacks(2) and in fact, 46% of enterprises got malware via email(2). At the same time, analyst firm IDC says 70% of remote workers encounter performance issues with business-critical applications daily or multiple times a week(3).

With enterprises moving towards a hybrid work model and an increasing trend towards BYOD, these challenges are not waning anytime soon.

Cloud-hosted security without compromise

VMware Cloud Web Security addresses these challenges by providing no-compromise security, rich user experience, and simplified operations and management.

VMware Cloud Web Security protects user traffic accessing web and SaaS applications

VMware Cloud Web Security administers more consistent security so that employees can access applications with less fear of security threats and business policy violations such as visiting unauthorized websites no matter their location. One-stop processing of SaaS applications for threat protection, visibility and control on the optimal traffic path reduces latency and delivers a great user experience.

VMware Cloud Web Security includes SSL proxy with decryption to inspect the majority of web applications that are SSL encrypted today. IT can control the web sites employees can or cannot access with URL filtering. IT can also reduce the attack surface with content filtering by determining what type of content users can or cannot access or upload. Content is inspected for known virus signatures and zero-day malware attacks. The solution also offers rich traffic and threat visualization with logs.

As part of VMware SASE, Cloud Web Security enables IT teams to configure security policies and apply them to business policies through the centralized orchestrator. This simplifies operations and removes any policy mismatches so that all users and segments can be protected equally, including remote and work-from-anywhere users. Security policy follows the user, delivering a seamless experience.

Speak to your VMware SASE provider

With VMware SASE, customers can now combine comprehensive Cloud Web Security with other services including SD-WAN, Zero Trust Network Access, and Edge Network Intelligence, all delivered from the cloud through an extensive service edge platform that can grow with them over time. To learn more, contact VMware or speak with your VMware SASE provider today, whether that be a service provider, MSP, systems integrator, or VAR.

Read about SASE resources for partners, including the Ready Set Go program, in the VMware Power of Partnerships blog post VMware SASE Expands Opportunities for Channel Partners.

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