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VMware SD-WAN and Google Cloud Network Connectivity Center

By Eric Cheung-Young-Sen, VMware Partner Solution Architect, and Jay Thontakudi, VMware Senior Product Marketing Manager

Today we’re pleased to announce that VMware SD-WAN™ connectivity with Google Cloud’s Network Connectivity Center has been fully tested. This feature will make it easier for enterprise customers who use VMware SD-WAN to connect to Google Cloud.

In this post-COVID era of the distributed workplace, companies are extending their networks past the traditional enterprise perimeter to branch offices, home offices and remote employees. But a network is only as fast as its slowest link. Work-from-anywhere employees and branch employees – and someone who works from anywhere could be considered a “branch of one” – often contend with hairpinning, which sends their workloads to the data center for security or app access before making a hairpin turn back to the user. Perhaps they are using a traditional IPSec tunnel that requires backhauling to the data center. Either way, these techniques significantly slow an end user’s access to and interaction with apps. That leads to lost productivity and unhappy employees.

Using VMware SD-WAN with Google Cloud’s Network Connectivity Center provides a faster, direct connection to Google Cloud. It enables you to accomplish the following:

  • Connect your on-premises or branch networks together – including work-from-anywhere employees – by using Google’s network for data transfer
  • Connect individual sites or branches to Google Cloud for fast access to cloud-based apps or workloads

Using Network Connectivity Center enables instant access to the global reach and reliability of Google’s network. Your enterprise benefits from Google’s planet-scale reach, scale, security and reliability.

VMware SD-WAN also speeds access to Google Cloud VMware Engine, which allows enterprises to run native VMware SDDC environments without refactoring applications. This helps enterprise IT accelerate migration of workloads from data center to cloud and offer a seamless experience to users no matter their location. The solution offers multiple choices when connecting end users and data centers to cloud destinations.

The VMware SD-WAN advantage

VMware SD-WAN delivers operational simplicity and dynamic remediation capabilities when the network suffers from packet loss, latency, and jitter. It prioritizes real-time voice, video, VDI, and IoT application traffic, providing a rich user experience. The solution also features Dynamic Multipath Optimization™ (DMPO) technology for real-time monitoring, dynamic traffic steering, and link remediation on underlying single or multiple public WAN connections.

It’s all managed by the cloud-hosted VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator, a single-pane-of-glass management solution that makes it easy to deploy and manage thousands of physical or virtual VMware SD-WAN Edges with a single click.

The figure below shows how enterprises can use DMPO tunnels all the way from branches or sites to Google Cloud by deploying VMware SD-WAN Virtual Edge in the cloud. VMware SD-WAN Virtual Edges are available in the Google Marketplace.

Diagram: Branch connectivity using VMware SD-WAN and Google Cloud Network Connectivity Center
Branch connectivity using VMware SD-WAN and Google Cloud Network Connectivity Center

With this new feature, VMware SD-WAN users now enjoy fast, simple, easy to manage access to Google Cloud.

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