VMware SASE: Optimized Performance and Simplified Security for Your Anywhere Workforce

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Users are increasingly mobile, and organizations are moving business applications to the cloud. In this work-from-anywhere world, the old remote access model of VPNs that send traffic through the data center is not efficient and introduces frustrating latency. It’s time-consuming and costly for IT to protect the device, the application, the employee, and the enterprise.

The new secure access service edge (SASE) model changes that. By delivering cloud-based security as a service, businesses can apply full security protections to users anywhere, without having to set up and maintain point products at each location. SASE breaks the old bonds between location and security, leading to a productive end user experience on any device from anywhere.

VMware SASE for Distributed Work

VMware SASE™ converges networking and security delivered as a cloud-hosted service. It enables reliable, more secure, and efficient access for users located anywhere to applications on any cloud, while protecting users and infrastructure against internal and external threats.

VMware SASE expands the unique VMware SD-WAN™ advantages with additional services across global and geographically distributed points of presence (PoPs), providing the closest on-ramp to cloud and SaaS applications, while securing access to these applications. These PoPs deliver network and security services that include VMware SD-WAN Gateway and VMware Secure Access™, which provides zero trust network access (ZTNA). VMware SASE provides a single pane of glass for managing networking and security, with integrated AIOps, via VMware Edge Network Intelligence™ .

VMware SASE builds trust for distributed work by delivering exceptional employee experiences, securing the distributed workforce, and automating the workspace.

VMware Secure Access

VMware Secure Access combines the consistent, more secure cloud application access functionality of VMware SD-WAN with the capability of VMware Workspace ONE. It allows devices and users outside the enterprise network to access any application hosted on-premises, or in the cloud. VMware Secure Access employs the principles of zero trust network access (ZTNA). With zero trust, access is denied to all resources by default. The resources are discoverable only to the users, applications, or other entities that the enterprise specifies—and available only after ZTNA verifies that they’re a trusted entity.

VMware Edge Network Intelligence

VMware Edge Network Intelligence is an AIOps solution that gives IT true visibility and analytics for the IoT and end user devices on their network. IT can gain visibility into networks they don’t control, such as home networks of remote users. VMware Edge Network Intelligence has deep integrations with Zoom, to provide insight and solutions for problems with video conferencing. This proven, vendor-agnostic solution provides a rich client experience for employees working from anywhere, and helps IT shift their time away from chasing root causes to proactive remediation.

The VMware SASE Advantage

VMware SASE is a cloud-native, scalable, proven solution for your distributed workforce. It’s an easy to consume one-stop shop for performance, security and network services. VMware SASE enables a unified edge and cloud service model with a single place to manage business policy, configuration, and monitoring. Throw out your VPN—or keep it—the platform allows adding most VMware SASE services at your own pace without a business-disrupting rip and replace. Application access from the endpoint to cloud, SaaS, or data center is controlled by a common business policy framework, allowing granular control that’s simple to adjust and scale.

VMware SASE provides performance and security, a global platform with local delivery, simplified operations, and easy services integration.

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