Social distancing concept. Asian handsome man work from home with laptop. Young Casual businessman aged around 30 using laptop for his work.

The Future Is Still Remote Work

Necessity is the mother of invention. In a matter of mere months, remote work dramatically became the way people worldwide conducted their job. The workplace, as we used to know it, has, quite frankly, changed forever.

The adoption of work-from-anywhere in organizations is likely to increase.

Hybrid remote arrangements will likely become the standard at workplaces globally. In a recent survey by FlexJobs, 65% of respondents reported wanting to be full-time remote employees post-pandemic, and 31% want a hybrid remote work environment. A total 96% of workers would prefer some form of remote work. However, enabling your employees in a remote environment poses some significant challenges. Enterprises will need to reassess how they connect and secure their connections.

The SASE solution

Social distancing concept. Asian handsome man work from home with laptop. Young Casual businessman aged around 30 using laptop for his work.

As the workforce becomes increasingly distributed, you need to accommodate more branch locations, both traditional branches and the branches of one: the remote workers. Traditional networking wasn’t made for a distributed staff base, leaving you with restricted access that is slow and vulnerable. Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is quickly evolving how enterprises offer secure connectivity.

SASE allows organizations to unify their network and security tools in a single management console – providing simple integrated management independent of where employees and resources are located. In a traditional network model, data and applications live in a core data center. SASE satisfies the need for a centralized, software-defined security architecture when the apps and users are remote by combining SD-WAN flexibility with a full suite of virtual security services – all delivered from the cloud.

Why is SASE necessary?

In a recent whitepaper, Frost & Sullivan discusses the market and technology trends driving the need for SASE. SASE brings together SD-WAN and cloud security services to provide flexibility, agility, and scale, allowing IT teams to easily connect and secure all of their organization’s resources in a scalable way. With SASE, networking and security oversight for the remote locations is centralized. Due to the software-defined, cloud-delivered model of SASE, all features and policies are uniformly defined and applied across all locations.

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