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Security Field Day 5: All About SASE and Secure Access

We’re pleased to have participated in our first Security Field Day, #XFD5. While we have worked with the Tech Field Day folks on many other Field Days, we especially enjoyed the discussion at Security Field Day 5 because it focused on one of our favorite topics: SASE and how cloud-based security can solve real problems for companies and their employees, especially with so many people working from home.

Tech Field Day is a series of in-person and virtual meetings with industry influencers and sponsoring companies. These events take a deep dive into topics in cloud, mobility, networking, security, and storage. Security Field Day is a uniquely focused event with in-depth, highly technical presentations and an opportunity for the audience to have questions answered in real time.

At Security Field Day 5, we presented three topics: VMware SASE™, a VMware Secure Access™ use case, and a VMware Secure Access demo.

VMware SASE Overview

VMware SASE is a cloud-first platform built to deliver multiple services that ensure users located anywhere get secure, reliable, and efficient access to cloud applications. Craig Connors, VMware VP and CTO for the SD-WAN and SASE business covered the building blocks and the advantages of VMware SASE architecture.

Check out the video here.

VMware Secure Access Use Case

VMware Secure Access is the first SASE service that VMware launched in its global network of 150+ PoPs. It enables the anywhere workforce to access enterprise applications while eliminating the scale challenges of on-premises VPN gateways. This session, also delivered by Craig Connors, highlighted how VMware Secure Access is delivered as a service of VMware SASE Platform.

Check out the video here.

VMware Secure Access Demo

In this session we will demonstrate the advantages of deploying VMware Secure Access to connect remote users to their applications. VMware senior technical product manager Vinod Kumar Balasubramanyam stepped through a use case that showed traffic flowing from a remote user’s mobile device to a VMware SASE PoP, and how security and application access works.

Check out the video here.

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