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New Cellular Options for Staying Connected with VMware SD-WAN and Transatel

Many enterprise employees who work at home only have a single broadband Internet link. Most of the time that’s good enough for daily work. These consumer-grade connections, however, are prone to latency and outages. And some home-based workers such as call center agents can’t afford calls that drop or experience lag and jitter. The newly distributed workforce needs better options to provide secure and optimized connectivity that’s just as good as you would get in an enterprise environment.

To help solve this problem, VMware is pleased to announce a new partnership with Transatel, a member company of NTT Group. VMware SD-WAN™ can now steer traffic on to Transatel’s more secure LTE/5G link to transport traffic, delivering a continuous service.

“By adding Transatel’s SIM card to their Edge device, VMware customers will be able to connect to the best available cellular networks from leading carriers, wherever they are, to better secure and prioritize their data flows.”

Transatel CEO Jacques Bonifay

How it works

SD-WAN creates a network overlay that decouples network software services from the underlying hardware. This means that SD-WAN can optimize existing connections in real time, switching between them and steering around problems. With the combination of a Transatel SIM card and a VMware SD-WAN Edge device, such as the VMware SD-WAN Edge 510 LTE, the SD-WAN service can choose an optimized route.

Dynamic Multipath Optimization™ (DMPO) is key to this service. VMware DMPO provides automatic link monitoring, auto-detection of provider and autoconfiguration of link characteristics, routing and quality of service (QoS) settings. VMware DMPO delivers sub-second outage and partial outage protection to improve application availability.

In a press release, Craig Connors, VMware vice president and CTO of the SD-WAN and SASE business, noted that “When employees are not just working anywhere, but everywhere including the home, it’s critical that IT teams have the solutions they require to address unreliable and unsecure connectivity. VMware and Transatel are working together to help ensure customers and their employees remain productive no matter where they call ‘the office.’ Bringing together our industry-leading SD-WAN solution with Transatel’s LTE/5G connectivity provides a better user experience with optimal application performance through consistent connectivity.”

Get connected

The integrated service is available in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. For more information, visit or contact Transatel at

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