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Where’s the Beef? Your Roadmap to VMworld and SD-WAN

As with so many other events and businesses this year, VMworld has gone virtual. What does this mean for you? Our hope is that you’ll have more choice in the content you watch, more opportunities to engage with our team, and a better experience overall. Registration is free this year at the General pass level. There is also Premier pass option for $299 that provides access to limited capacity sessions and 1:1 consultations with experts. Register here!

VMworld US and VMworld Europe have been merged into one comprehensive event, scheduled for September 29 – October 1 with short scheduled sessions delivered on a “follow the sun” model across all worldwide geographies and a host of in-depth sessions delivered on-demand. We have also offered a host of ancillary activities that include hands on labs (HOLs) and live roundtable sessions with experts. Below is a comprehensive view of what will be available from the VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud business unit. Take a look and start planning your itinerary!

In answer to the 1984 Wendy’s commercial, “Where’s the beef?”:


While your VMworld journey is your own, we’ve put together the following roadmap to make sure you get the most of the event and as much SD-WAN information as you can stand.


GEN2859 CEO Address with Pat Gelsinger
VCN2799 Solutions Keynote: Virtual Cloud Network – The Network for your Future Ready Business
IS2800 Solutions Keynote: Intrinsic Security, Intrinsic Advantage
DW2716 Solutions Keynote: Journey to a Future Ready Workforce

Breakout sessions (60 minutes)

The ‘SD-WAN and Network Edge’ sub-track within the overall Virtual Cloud Network track, brings you 15 sessions that will take you through the VMware SD-WAN story.

VCNE2345 SD-WAN Sneak Peak: What’s New Now and into the Future
VCNE2349 Pushing Boundaries with SD-WAN: SASE at its Best
VCNE2384 Seeing is Believing: AIOps, Monitoring, and Intelligence for the WAN & LAN
VCNE2374 Users Need Their Apps: Using SD-WAN to Up Your Cloud Interconnect Game
VCNE2397 SD-WAN Security Your Way: Built-in Firewall, Cloud Providers and SASE
VCNE2346 Digital Workspace for Branch and Home with SD-WAN and VMware Horizon VDI
VCNE2351 The Right Prescription for the Healthcare Network: SD-WAN and AIOps
VCNE2347 VMware Cloud and VMware SD-WAN: Solutions Working in Harmony
VCNE2350 Network of Clouds: How SD-WAN CloudVPN Makes that Connection
VCNE2413 VMware SD-WAN and Microsoft: Coming Together with Azure, O365, and More
VCNE2420 Cloud Provider SD-WAN Solution and Services–The Why and How
VCNE2633 SD-WAN in a Work-from-Home World
VCNE2697 The Business Case for SD-WAN in the Enterprise and at Home
VCNE2964S The Age of SD-WAN: Bringing Network Intelligence to Life  (AT&T)
VCNE3092S Take Back Control of Your Network With SD-WAN  (SHI)
VCNE3168S Accelerate Your Journey to the Hybrid Multicloud: Achieve Scale at the Edge (Equinix)
VNCE3169S Edge Computing Strategies to Drive Greater Revenue (Lumen)

Additional sessions

ISNS2647 Cloud Delivered Enterprise Remote Access and Zero Trust​
TLCG2640 Network Slicing Journey: Enhance SD-WAN with Intelligent Traffic Steering​
HCMB1485 Extending SD-WAN Visibility and Analytics with vRealize Network Insight

Hands-on Labs (HOL)

Like our live demos, the SD-WAN Hands-on Lab gives you the unique opportunity to take SD-WAN for a test drive. Connect to the lab and try your hand at installations, connectivity, network assessment, and troubleshooting. Check out how it works in a real-life environment and become a believer.

HOL-2140-01-NET Expert Lead: Getting Started w/VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud
HOL-2140-95-ISM Getting Started w/VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud

Live Demonstrations

What speaks louder than words? A demo. We can talk about the benefits you’d get from our solution all day long (and will if you let us), but getting a visual walk-through of what SD-WAN is capable of will make you a believer. If you’ve never seen VMware SD-WAN in action, or even if you have and you want to see what’s new, come by the Solutions Showcase and one of our friendly and knowledgeable experts will gladly walk you through a host of demos that include:

  • Analytics and Visibility with Edge Intelligence
  • VMware SD-WAN with Equinix Network Edge
  • Multi-Cloud Interconnect
  • VMware SD-WAN Zero-Touch Deployment


Expert Roundtables

Breakout sessions and demos will give you two great insights into SD-WAN, but if you want to ask your questions and drill down into specifics, attend a Meet the Expert session. These sessions are small and intimate, allowing you to connect closely with our solution matter experts and get all your questions answered.

VCNE2745 Expert Roundtable: Consideration when deploying SD-WAN
VCNE2747 Expert Roundtable: SD-WAN: VPN & routing architecture
VCNE2749 Expert Roundtable: SASE and SD-WAN: Diving into what you need to know about each

Partner Focus

Expand your business growth by adding VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud to your solution portfolio and get equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools for successful customer engagements. Learn how the VeloCloud Partner Program offers a tiered path for you to grow your SD-WAN business by offering reliable recurring revenue stream, rapid onboarding, dedicated partner support team and access to joint marketing programs and market development

PAR2870 Accelerate Your Networking Business with VMware SD-WAN


Customer Meetings

Want to meet with a member of our team 1:1? Then reach out to us to schedule your meeting in a private conference area. Available representatives include: technical, sales, senior leadership, marketing, training, and more. Click here to send in your request.

We look forward to seeing you all online at VMworld!


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