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VMware SD-WAN with Menlo Security: Optimal Connectivity and Security for Workforce @ Home

menlo security logoEmpower your workforce with the application performance and security they need while at home.

Organizations today rely heavily on cloud-based business services to effectively serve their employees and customers across different locations. With the ongoing COVID-19 ‘shelter in place’ enforcement, where a large percentage of the global workforce is telecommuting, digital workforce readiness is more important than ever before. In order to be productive and empowered, the workforce at home desires the same application performance and security they get with their workplace IT infrastructure. From the organization’s side, there are two critical aspects to meet user expectations and driving business continuity during such uncertain times.

The first critical aspect is the network connecting users to their applications. The end user experience for cloud-delivered applications is only as good as the network transporting the applications. The common medium of choice, broadband Internet, offers agility, accessibility and cost effectiveness. At the same time, it introduces more events of packet loss, jitter and latency than traditional fixed WAN architecture, negatively impacting application performance and hence user experience.

The second critical aspect is continuous security. Bad actors have much more flexibility and hence higher odds to compromise your business security, especially when users are directly connecting to the Internet. Working from home opens multiple vectors for cyberattacks, jeopardizing security of the employee and possibly the whole organization.

How can VMware SD-WAN with Menlo Security help?

VMware SD-WAN™ by VeloCloud®, along with Menlo Security, enables users with optimized and secure access to their applications. The Menlo Security Isolation Platform eliminates web-borne malware while preserving the native end-user experience without any endpoint software or plugins. This protects employees (and their organizations) from cyberattacks by isolating and executing all active Web content—sites, links, documents, etc. in the public or private cloud, rather than at the endpoint, eliminating malware before it can penetrate your network and reach user devices.

Velo Menlo integration Optimal Performance and Security for Workforce @home

With multiple applications vying for access and bandwidth across the same network, the performance and experience—especially for mission-critical applications—can be negatively impacted. VMware SD-WAN can categorize, identify and optimize among over 3000 applications, ensuring the capacity latency-sensitive traffic such as video and voice services need. VMware SD-WAN with its Dynamic Multipath Optimization (DMPO) offers continuous monitoring, dynamic packet steering in case of multiple links and on-demand remediation, even on a single link, delivering the best possible application performance and end user experience. The solution also enables policy-based categorization, identification, and prioritization of applications based on business intent. Typically, all Internet-bound traffic is forwarded to Menlo Security, steering user traffic from the VMware SD-WAN Edge to the Menlo Security Cloud Service using IPSec tunnels. If needed, customers have the flexibility to steer traffic via the VMware SD-WAN Gateway.

The one-click service insertion capability of the VMware SD-WAN business policy framework reduces complexity and aligns business policies with application needs and business objectives. IT administrators can determine which traffic to steer to the Menlo Security Cloud Platform. Traffic policies can be effectively managed to easily forward traffic from user locations to the Menlo Security Cloud Platform. Together, Menlo Security and VMware SD-WAN strengthen an organization’s security posture while delivering a highly reliable SaaS experience to the users at branches or at home.

We are all in this together

COVID-19 has changed the way people work and has forced organizations to accelerate the pace of digital workforce transformation. As many communities around the world continue to shelter in place to flatten the curve, supporting each other will not only slow the spread of disease, but also bring out a stronger version of ourselves. With that same spirit, VMware and Menlo Security are offering solutions so that organizations don’t have to hit pause on innovation, even during such challenging times.

VMware is offering the VMware SD-WAN Work @Home free trial offer, which provides the solution and hosted services for up to 90-days for up to 100 remote locations to empower the workforce, even during such unprecedented times. Get more details at our Business Continuity page.

Menlo Security is offering Free Cloud Proxy and Phishing Protection Licenses to help businesses achieve and maintain security for their employees during the Coronavirus crisis. Licenses includes 100% malware and phishing protection. Get 90-Day Free, to learn more, click here.

Learn more about how VMware SD-WAN with Menlo Security deliver the optimal performance and user experience while securing the workforce at home here.


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