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5 Reasons Businesses Choose SD-WAN: Real-life Drivers & Use Cases

SD-WAN: Real-life Drivers & Use Cases

Traditional networks can no longer support businesses that are moving to the Cloud. SD-WAN can significantly impact an organization, whether it is a single-site business or one with many locations to manage and connect. It’s no secret that Cloud Technology was a game-changer for many businesses, with its ability to offer fast deployment, flexibility, and customization at an affordable cost; SD-WAN is no different.

Five reasons that are driving organizations to use SD-WAN:

  1. Connectivity – Using a traditional network to connect multi-office locations can have various issues such as slow applications and connections that are not secure. Organizations that need to connect branch offices such as healthcare, education, construction, and financial can leverage SD-WAN to route large portions of their traffic over cost-effective services, such as broadband. Any site can be quickly connected to the network, and links can be added for increased bandwidth and reliability.
  2. Simplicity – On traditional WAN systems, configuring new or existing infrastructure requires adjustments that may not properly work. However, with SD-WAN, professionals have the ability to efficiently make network changes to all locations in one platform at one time.
  3. Agility – SD-WAN allows businesses to accommodate traffic from mobile applications, video, and cloud computing while limiting the resources required to run and manage the network.
  4. Enhanced Performance – Network demands and availability conflicts will increase when more applications are migrated to the cloud. SD-WAN can be configured to prioritize business-critical traffic and real-time services.
  5. Clarity – SD-WAN provides increased visibility to IT professionals for their networks more simply and effectively.

With so many reasons to use SD-WAN for digital transformation, it is quickly emerging as a preferred solution for enterprise connectivity. While traditional networks had its place, it’s no longer viable as a business solution. The value is clear, organizations benefit from not only a cost-effective solution, but they also receive worker connectivity, performance reliably, scalability, and oversight.

A Viable Solution

The VMware SD-WAN™ by VeloCloud® solution provides the ability to use any connection type, including MPLS, LTE, WiFi, and satellite, as well as broadband Internet. VMware SD-WAN creates a virtual network overlay that can run over any underlying physical network with no changes required to the underlying network. VMware SD-WAN can help organizations deploy a secure network that eliminates business-impacting network outages and ensures high-quality application performance.

Join the “Real-life SD-WAN Drivers & Use Cases to Enable Enterprise Digital Transformation” webinar Wednesday, June 3rd to learn more.


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