Work From Home Offers: Where to go, Whom to work with

With so many businesses shifting their employees to a work from home scenario, ensuring that those employees have optimized and reliable connectivity has become a priority. Layering in SD-WAN to this shift has enabled these organizations to keep up with the demands of the business as employees can now get faster access to their business-critical cloud applications.  

In March, VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud launched its Work @Home offering with several options. Shortly thereafter, its partners also began putting together their own Work @Home offers to help existing and new customers make the shift easier. Keep reading to find out how the following partners are enabling customers. 

  • Hughes
  • Meriplex
  • Panoptics
  • QOS Networks

To better help our audiences find the best option for their initiatives, we have consolidated those offers in this blog, with links to help you find what you need.  


CISSDM’s offer is called “Office At Home” and is targeted at empowering and setting up your remote workforce for success. With VMware SD-WAN, CISSDM is offering customers field service technician support to aid in scoping and configuring the solution, onsite installation services, and ongoing management and ISP support.  

Contact CISSDM:  


Hughes is partnering with the VMware SD-WAN team to provide customers with a Work @Home offer. Rated #2 in market share for managed SD-WAN deployments by Vertical Systems Group

To read more about Hughes offer, click here.

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Meriplex is partnering with the VMware SD-WAN team and iboss to provide free, 60-day trials of secure VMware SD-WAN. To learn more about Meriplex’s viewpoint, visit its guest blog here 

Want to learn more?  

  • Listen to an episode of SD-WAN 360 about the impact of remote work and the need to manage networks differently in light of increased usage. 
  • Watch this video from Meriplex personnel discussing the offer.  

To take advantage of this offer, sign up today. 

Contact Meriplex:  



Panoptics leads the way with VMware SD-WAN Work @ Home offer, with the first VMware SD-WAN Edges leaving the UK for the EMEA to help organisations continue to work productively within home environments.

With the first trial being deployed to an international consultancy firm, with a distributed workforce across five countries, customers are sure to benefit quickly from this incredible SD-WAN technology.

To find out more about this offer, click here 

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QOS Networks is partnering with VMware SD-WAN to bring home-user solutions quickly. QOS includes their rapid inDeploy offering standard with each SD-WAN order, which can configure and deploy up to 1,000 home users, no matter their physical location, in a single day.  QOS is also offering financing support of up to 6 months delayed payments for SD-WAN and tied services. More info here.

Get started here.

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