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Managing IoT & Networks in Healthcare – Now & in the Future

IoT & Networks in Healthcare

As MedTech expands capabilities to provide better patient care the market growth rate of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Healthcare is anticipated to expand at a 20 percent CAGR by 2025. Widespread transformation is being propelled by new, networked biomedical devices such as bedside monitors, infusion pumps, and EKG machines. But with the deployment of new, non-traditional networking devices, challenges to healthcare organizations have arisen.

Health care providers relying on non-traditional networked devices require IT departments to ensure that all technology is working together. Adding layers of complexity to these devices, they function across both physical and virtualized environments, as well as private, public, and hybrid cloud environments. Successful initiatives must address operational assurance over the lifecycle of IoT devices to help address business objectives: better patient care and improved clinician efficiency.

In our upcoming webinar, experts from GE Healthcare and Nyansa, now part of VMware, will provide insights on how to codify and control the behavior, performance, and security of these devices. Register to learn how to maximize the value of IoT in the healthcare marketplace, and deliver more reliable organizational solutions and better patient care.

When: April 29, 2020, 10 am PT

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