SD-WAN VMware webinar

Ensuring Healthcare Networks for the Perfect Storm

Ensuring Healthcare Networks Webinar

In today’s turbulent times, healthcare networks must stay up and running to not only support their existing patients but also to have the bandwidth to support the influx of patients who have become ill with COVID-19. Doctors must have access to patient records at all times in order to treat their patients. Devices must stay online and connected to the network so that healthcare personnel can monitor patients on an ongoing basis. Additionally, for those doctors that are caring for patients remotely—from their homes or remote offices—having reliable connectivity is critical to serving those individuals.

But what does all of this mean for the networks bearing the brunt of all of the disparate connections and increased traffic? Many networks were built decades ago with intermittent updates and many rely on traditional network appliances that require specialized individuals to update. New and emerging healthcare equipment often incorporates artificial intelligence technology that relies on network connections and Wifi to report centrally. With more and more patients burdening the network infrastructure, healthcare organizations are rethinking their existing platforms.

Join Mary Swigart, Global Manager–Network Solutions GE Healthcare and Puneet Shetty, Product Line Manager at Nyansa, now part of VMware, for an informative webinar, Ensuring Healthcare Networks for the Perfect Storm on April 22nd at 10:00 am.


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