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Achieving Major Hyperscale Milestones: VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud

VMware SD-WAN™ by VeloCloud® has been chosen by thousands of customers in over 150,000 sites and impacts millions of users around the world utilizing its cloud-delivered hyperscale architecture.

What does it mean to be hyperscale-ready in networking?

The ability to scale up bandwidth to support all current and future business needs is certainly a key aspect, but it goes way beyond that. A hyperscale-ready platform must be built on software-defined principles with the ability to support virtual and hardware components, regardless of location (cloud, data center, remote sites, branches, end users, etc), and support all of this at both exponential speed and growth rates.

In the world of SD-WAN, the SD-WAN offering must fulfill two requirements to be hyperscale:

  1. Proven robustness and scalability through horizontally scalable architecture to support an unquantified number of customers, sites, users, technologies, and applications.
  2. Support a customer’s business strategies to enable unlimited growth and expansion of its existing network.

VMware SD-WAN delivers on both requirements.

VMware SD-WAN is hyperscale-ready

VMware SD-WAN has a unique architecture of multitenanted cloud gateways built to hyperscale using elastic cloud and virtualization technologies. The solution relies on the best hyperscale practices in automation, which means that the platform is operated and managed by a fraction of resources needed to operate a traditional WAN. Not only do customers enjoy zero-touch provisioning of their branches, the access to their private data center, IaaS and SaaS is automated and enabled by a single click. How? The horizontally scalable cloud gateways, located in low latency proximity to the cloud, have built in automation to facilitate the creation of complex networks and connectivity to IaaS and Cloud.  No per site configuration required.

“As SD-WAN continues to disrupt the wide area networking market, we are seeing increased adoption by large, highly distributed enterprises across their entire networks,” says Sanjay Uppal, vice president and general manager, VeloCloud business unit, VMware. “Vendors need to be positioned for scalability at this juncture of the market evolution, and we have been able to achieve hyperscale from architecture, operations and go-to-market perspectives.”

VMware and its telecom service provider partners operate a global network of several thousand gateways and over a hundred orchestrators, in more than one hundred points of presence (POPs) globally. The VMware SD-WAN platform collects tens of billions of flow records a day including network performance and application usage information, which is invaluable for break/fix, capacity planning and delivering the best experience possible to customers.

VMware is helping some of the largest companies in verticals such as retail, insurance, automotive and financial services take advantage of all the benefits of SD-WAN, including application performance, simplicity of deployment, automation and ease of management of wide area networks. Several VMware customers have over a thousand sites each, deployed in diverse production environments with a mix of transports.

VMware SD-WAN relies on an expanding network of go-to-market channels with over 500 partners, including system integrators, VARs, MSPs and over 100 telecom service providers globally. Check out our chief architect, Craig Connors, as he walks through what it means to be hyperscale:


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