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NEW SD-WAN Book Launching at VMworld US – SD-WAN 1:1: The What, Why, and How

At this point, most people in the networking space know what SD-WAN is, the benefits it brings to a business, and how to determine which vendor to use. If not, it’s easy to do a Google search and find more information than you could possibly digest in a week.

Having lived and breathed SD-WAN for years, the team at VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud was well aware there was still a lack of detailed content on the deployment and management of an SD-WAN solution once the buying decision was made that went beyond user manuals. So we set about writing a book that addresses the questions we encounter most in the field post-sale and into the deployment process so that both prospective and current customers feel absolutely comfortable choosing SD-WAN as part of their digital transformation.

We brought together 14 of our seasoned systems engineers from various global locations (U.S., Australia, China, Belgium, Germany) in beautiful (and hot) Miami, FL for one week to pour their collective networking knowledge, experiences, and expertise into a 256 page book that addresses what users need to know as they integrate SD-WAN into their corporate business environment.

Yeah, yeah, we know there are other SD-WAN books out there that touch on this subject so what makes this one so special? The answer: this book was written from those on the front-lines of SD-WAN deployments who have seen every use case for which SD-WAN has been applied, who have worked shoulder to shoulder with customers to implement SD-WAN, and who generally know what you’ll ask before you ask it. They offer you road-tested best practices, what to consider before you begin the deployment process, and how to maximize your investment.

Together, they worked to come up with the topics you’d find most necessary to do your job, to write the content and provide visuals that that simplifies concepts, justifications, and processes steps without dummying anything down, and held constant healthy debates on how to make the book one our customers, prospective customers, and partners would want to read.

The final result is a book titled “SD-WAN 1:1: The What, Why, and How” and covers the following topics and beyond:

  • SD-WAN Components
  • Getting started with SD-WAN
  • Different types of topologies
  • Application performance, routing, and cloud access
  • Security
  • How to migrate to SD-WAN
  • Service providers/telcos


“SD-WAN 1:1: The What, Why, and How” will debut at VMworld 2019 US on August 25, 2019. It will be available for purchase in the VMware bookstore at VMworld and authors will be on hand for a book signing during the following times and locations:

  • August 26 at 4pm in the VMware booth
  • August 27 at 3:30pm in the VMware bookstore

Following VMworld, the book will be available on Amazon. Check it out!

I’d like to publicly congratulate and thank the hardworking co-authors of “SD-WAN 1:1: The What, Why, and How”:  Tejbir Batth, Matt Berry, Joe Harris, Yves Hertoghs, Oliver Kupke, Cliff Lane, Jose Lee, Stephen Lynn, Rohan Naggi, Gerd Pflueger, Sajjit Rajagopal, Martin Rausche, Dave Twinam, Ray Wong. You guys rock!


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