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Leading Lights Presents VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud with the “Most Innovative SD-WAN Product Strategy” Award for Network Edge

On May 6, Leading Lightsthe next-generation communications industry’s most coveted honor, held its 2019 award ceremony in Denver, Colorado, honoring companies who make an impact in categories such as AI/Analytics Strategy, Business Cloud Service, and 5G Technology.  

The VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud team is proud to announce that it was the winner of the “Most Innovative SD-WAN Product Strategy” award. This award highlights VMware SD-WAN’s vision for the future and the evolution of a solution that will support continued innovative pursuits of other industries. 

This vision for the future of SD-WAN is Network Edgean innovative strategy and vision to enable the next wave of network transformation. SD-WAN revolutionized the traditional WAN landscape: complex, hardware-intensive and hub-and-spoke networks transformed into cloud-friendly, cost-effective and agile architectures. Now, SD-WAN is expanding to absorb other functions  compute, analytics, security, multi-cloud  that are critical to the enterprises at the place where business is conducted  the Edge.  

The VMware SD-WAN Network Edge strategy is evolving along five vectors beyond core SD-WAN concepts:  

(1) Compute at Edge – IoT and mobility are indispensable aspects of business. To support them, compute functionality is required at the edge, which is integrated into the Edge component of the VMware SD-WAN solution.  

(2) Combined Intelligence – In the telecom transport domain, VMware SD-WAN is combining the intelligence of its overlay SD-WAN with the underlay intelligence and programmability of 5G.  

(3) Federated Gateways – With its unique gateway architecture, VMware SD-WAN enables federation between its hosted gateways and those hosted by its Telco partners. This capability will expand, enabling Telco gateways to federate amongst each other, providing truly global coverage for all Telco customers.  

(4) Ubiquitous Platform – VMware SD-WAN will become the ubiquitous platform needed to support necessary business services such as security VNFs, uCPE, advanced analytics and AI, creating dynamic self-healing and self-managing networks of the future.  

(5) Multi-cloud Approach – Multi-cloud is added to the holistic SD-WAN continuum, enabling the management of all network workloads from the edge to the cloud to the data center via pervasive business policies.  

Enterprises and their networking vendors are driven by the rise of IoT, 5G, AI, and multi-cloud, requiring a dramatic technological evolution in business requirements.  VMware SD-WAN continues to lead the market into the future, accelerating innovation at the network edge.  

The team at VMware SD-WAN is honored to receive this award and thanks all of our supporters, for without them, this award would not be possible.  

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