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Kicking-off SD-WAN Conversations at VMworld US 2018

It was a dark room, fronted by screens flashing blue and green, and over 1,200 highly eager individuals in the audience wanting to hear about new industry trends, VMware’s new solutions, and new direction. Making its debut as part of the software giant’s flagship event, VMworld, was VeloCloud, now part of VMware, with Sanjay Uppal, VP and GM of the VeloCloud Business Unit joining NSBU VP Tom Gillis on stage.  

Sanjay introduced VeloCloud’s market disrupting solution (software-defined WAN (SD-WAN)) to an audience that was largely unfamiliar with it, sharing why the technology is so critical to the network and how SD-WAN is a game changer for businesses of all sizes and verticals. The audience was impressed, and the OOHHs! and AHHs! could be heard throughout the dark room during the live demo of NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud. Lasting several minutes, the demo’s impact on the audience endured as those interested in learning more about the technology flocked to VeloCloud’s breakout sessions and to the VMware booth to get a dedicated demonstration. 

VMworld US 2018 set the stage for SD-WAN as the “hottest” piece of VMware’s portfolio, especially as it supports the greater vision of Virtual Cloud Networking. With VeloCloud SD-WAN as its lynchpin, VMware becomes a full networking company, offering customers the ability to deliver any application from any cloud, any data center, any branch edge.  

With an audience hungry to learn more and find out how to adopt SD-WAN, the VeloCloud team fielded many questions on the technology. Here are the top questions posed to our on-site representatives.  

What are the top three verticals that SD-WAN helps with?

  1. SD-WAN is not specific to any vertical. RetailConstruction, and Healthcare 

I’m not ready to get rid of my MPLS. Do I need to rip and replace it to be able to use SD-WAN?

  1. No, not at all. SD-WAN is transport agnostic and integrates seamlessly with existing network infrastructure such as MPLS. It can be run alongside MPLS or over the top. If you want to terminate your MPLS at any time (when contracts expire), it is easy to do so.  

We have acquired a lot of small companies and it’s difficult to get our networks merge or work together. Does SD-WAN help with this?

  1. Yes, absolutely. M&A is a great use case for SD-WAN as it is easily deployed and works well over-the-top with existing network infrastructure and across data centers, cloud, and branch. It does not require that existing transport vendors or transport types be modified as it is agnostic to those. In addition, its segmentation capabilities allow all types of network traffic to be segmented to optimize delivery, or by group/cluster of sites, or by network type.  

There are a lot of SD-WAN vendors right now. Why should I choose VeloCloud’s solution?  

  1. We’d love to tell you that our solution is the best in the industry (because we really do believe it), but we know potential customers need to know more. Check out our guide on questions to ask a provider during your evaluation, but we have some quick reasons why we’re different.  

Interested in learning more? All of the VeloCloud breakout sessions are now available on-demand.  


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