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When Dropped Calls Lead to Dropping Revenue, SD-WAN Steps In

Retail organizations depend heavily on network connectivity for a number of reasons: to transact, to store customer information in the cloud, to field inquiries, and more. Even while more and more retail business is conducted online, retail stores will not go away. It remains the indispensable channel for retailers to engage with customers and to remain competitive, retailers must provide an environment customers expect in today’s world: relevant, personalized, always on, and easily accessible.

For smaller retail organizations who may not have an online presence, phone inquiries from prospective customers is a large source of potential revenue. Whether the customer is calling about store hours or whether a particular item is in stock, the inability to receive those calls will impact revenue.

A robust network that provides that always-on connectivity, eliminates outages, and assures high quality of service (QoS) is critical to retail businesses. SD-WAN can provide this level of assurance, even for very small implementations.

NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud connects stores, distribution centers, and online warehouses with effective omnichannel capabilities without contributing to ever-increasing network complexity and high costs. Through its partner, CBTS, NSX SD-WAN was able to transform the network utilized by a small retail bookseller to ensure it retained profitable.

The book retailer’s three stores had been relying on a centralized phone system that is located in a Chicago data center. Each of the client’s sites connected to the phone system, as well as its distribution center, through a 1.5MB MPLS line. The client wanted to eliminate the risk of losing an MPLS circuit that would shut down voice access to every store, as well as access to applications housed in the distribution center.


  • Voice is mission critical for the client. MPLS-based infrastructure with single access point to voice application viewed as a business risk
  • Client needs redundant voice solution that will support multiple locations and provide “always on” performance


They needed a better way and turned to CBTS and NSX SD-WAN to provide it. CBTS worked closely with this unnamed multi-location bookseller to implement an SD-WAN solution that eliminated its network outages, guaranteeing that phone calls could be received and responded to at all times.

To read the full case study on how NSX SD-WAN changed this book retailer’s ability to provide its customers with , click here.


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