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Partner Spotlight: Mosaic NetworX

About Mosaic NetworX

We believe complexity is the enemy of innovation and execution. When you remove layers of complexity – simplicity and agility emerge. Mosaic SD-WAN as-a-Service removes layers of complexity. We accomplish this by streamlining and simplifying the design and management of secure, self-healing, intelligent global networks. Mosaic NetworX transforms WAN infrastructure from a complicated, build-your-own model, to a simplified, fully managed service model.

Network connectivity is undergoing a revolutionary change, with SD-WAN at the center of this transformation. SD-WAN encompasses multiple technologies and business interactions across multiple, functional areas. This includes multi-carrier contract negotiations, circuit provisioning, complicated invoices and billing, and numerous NOC support organizations. These multi-vendor challenges can quickly undo SD-WAN’s promise of easing complexity and lowering costs.

Mosaic transforms application delivery infrastructure from a complicated, build-your-own model, to a simplified, fully managed service model. Organizations can now focus on strategic projects that move business forward.

Today’s network connectivity challenges

Applications enable employees to effectively do their jobs; and allow businesses to successfully engage with customers and partners. Network connectivity is the life-blood for these applications. To effectively deliver apps to increasingly distributed users, WANs must be easy to deploy and control, and they must provide fast, reliable, and agile connectivity.

For decades, organizations have contended with expensive and rigid legacy networks. The increasing complexity of networking structures has made WAN infrastructure cumbersome and difficult to control and adapt. Making dynamic changes, and manipulating network resources to support cloud services, becomes difficult at best.

Today’s modern WANs are software-driven and supported by an orchestration service layer that automates network behaviors to support business objectives. SD-WAN provides network virtualization and centralized programable control of network elements. SD-WAN mitigates network performance problems by proactively routing traffic across multiple connections using the best path to avoid congestion and failures.

SD-WAN delivers the economical, reliable, flexible, and scalable connectivity that organizations need to compete in today’s distributed environment. For SD-WAN to be successful, it needs to be planned, deployed, managed, monitored and supported with the best technologies and network connections for every remote office.

How does Mosaic overcome WAN challenges?

While SD-WAN simplifies network infrastructure, Mosaic takes it to the next level. Mosaic SOFTWAVETM SD-WAN as-a-Service adds simplicity, creating a user-friendly WAN carrier-neutral infrastructure model. Mosaic leverages VMware NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud’s best-in-class SD-WAN and wraps fully managed services around it – including circuit provisioning.

Mosaic created a new standard for SD-WAN delivery with SOFTWAVETM SD-WAN as-a-Service, and custom cloud connectivity solutions layered on top. We provide cloud-based service delivery, orchestration, analytics, and carrier transports, all managed by our global NOC. Enterprises no longer need to configure, manage, and maintain network equipment, or negotiate multi-carrier contracts. Mosaic is leading the WAN transformation, as a single-source SD-WAN service provider delivering the highest quality of experience (QoE).

What Mosaic does?

For decades, WANs have strived to deliver a QoE to large enterprise users. But, today, it’s about delivering a QoE for both enterprise users and IT administrators. Making WAN infrastructure user-friendly requires seamless WAN connectivity, delivered any time, from anywhere. This requires close attention to details, including SD-WAN edge appliances, negotiating carrier contracts, optimizing transport costs and quality, proactive monitoring, ongoing management, and 24/7 global support. This is what Mosaic NetworX does.

What is the SD-WAN supply chain?

SD-WAN supply chain comprises the entire system of people, activities, information, and resources involved in delivering SD-WAN as-a-Service. This includes planning and management of all application delivery infrastructure and activities involved in sourcing, procurement, deployment, and logistics. The management of the SD-WAN supply chain integrates functional operations, with business processes and policies, creating a cohesive and high-performing SD-WAN solution.

Mosaic simplifies the entire SD-WAN supply chain, including NSX SD-WAN, network circuits, and other data and voice services. Mosaic provides the best circuits based on proximity, price, deployment time, and service quality. We are a single point of contact for the entire SD-WAN supply chain. To simplify things further, we have one contract that includes everything within a single invoice.


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