Healthcare Partner SD-WAN

Using SD-WAN to Enable Healthcare Facilities to Share Large Files Across U.S. Sites

The combination of constant innovation in healthcare-related technology and increase in remote medical office sites is forcing the healthcare industry to become part of the digital transformation. Patient care mandates that those who provide care to have constant and ad hoc access to patient records, which are rapidly moving to a cloud-based storage option or at remote data center locations. With so many sites and many more doctor and care givers needing access to these records, the network infrastructure supporting the transport of this data must be robust, always-on, secure, and flexible.

To add complexity, the evolutions in healthcare, such as those found in radiology or imaging, have placed an increased burden on the network to not only store large sized files, but to transport them efficiently from any-site to any-site in that network. Bandwidth requirements have increased but often times care facilities can not keep up with these demands or adding additional high-bandwidth private connections is cost prohibitive.

SD-WAN has emerged as the solution to solve the complexities of healthcare networks. With pervasive unifying connectivity designed to maximize bandwidth over any available transport option and ensure fast, high-quality, secure data transfer, healthcare organizations and facilities are adopting it to power large patient file transfers and provide all its care givers access to those records at all times.

One such example of how NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud transformed a healthcare network is brought to us by VeloCloud, now part of VMware’s partner, CBTS. With headquarters in Ohio, CBTS provides services and solutions for customers nationwide.

CBTS works closely with an unnamed healthcare customer who operates 25 imaging centers across 7 states, but also interacts and supports hundreds of medical offices and doctors across the United States. CBTS’ customer, a user of NSX SD-WAN, provides medical imaging services with a large team, and makes available the images resulting from those services available to all in the network, country-wide. Prior to the introduction of NSX SD-WAN, the imaging services provider was unable to easily, efficiently, and securely transfer the data across all its centers. They needed a better way and turned to CBTS and NSX SD-WAN to provide it.

To read the full case study on how NSX SD-WAN changed this healthcare providers’ ability to service care givers and by extension, customers, click here.


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