Partner Spotlight: Trextel

Who is Trextel?

Trextel designs, deploys and manages multi-location enterprise networks for many of North America’s largest companies, enabling them to roll out new technology quickly to drive growth and capture market share. We look at the big picture to provide clients with tailored solutions using best-of-breed technologies. By taking a collaborative approach with our clients, we ensure that we provide them with an enjoyable customer service experience while serving as single-source solutions for their needs. From retrofits to new store build-outs for organizations needing to rapidly scale, we leverage our experienced engineers and field technicians to design and deploy to our customers’ exacting specifications, reducing their costs in both deployment and network management.

What are the top three challenges Trextel customers are facing as it relates to their WAN and application access?

We work with enterprise customers who need large-scale networks to manage multiple locations, but the changing technological landscape, client’s needs, and budgets have made it difficult for our customers to manage their network needs in a manner that is both efficient and cost-effective. As a result, some of the issues our customers are facing with their WAN and application access are:

  1. Expanding Network Demands: Apart from being a great opportunity, opening a new location often brings with it a host of complications that require the attention of a specialized IT professional. Add to the fact that every time you expand your network you are going to need to hire an IT staff, and you can see how the VeloCloud solution easily handles this problem by removing the need of having an IT professional go out and manually configure the network.
  2. Stable Circuits are Expensive: Even though bandwidth has decreased over time, stable circuits are still expensive, and it forces many companies to decide between reducing network cost and ensuring business continuity.
  3. Security Breaches: Network security has gotten sophisticated but so have the security breaches. With VeloCloud, we can provide our customers with an added security measure because it adds a layer of security to the entire network.

Tell us about your SD-WAN journey and why Trextel partnered with VeloCloud?

Enterprise customers don’t want to deal with the hassle of managing their SD-WAN solution, and because their footprint usually spans multiple locations, they rather deal with one provider that can manage their network needs. We are accustomed to working with multiple technologies, vendors and platforms so we can provide our customers with a single-source solution for their network and technology. That’s why VeloCloud’s SD-WAN is a perfect fit because it already mirrors our business model. It allows us to provide our clients the best return on their investment by having a product that can not only grow with their business, but that is both cost-effective and simple to implement.

What is Trextel’s vision for the future?

As the SD-WAN market continues to grow and while the product is easy to use, integrating other technologies still presents its own set of unique challenges. Trextel can help you think through both the technology integration deployment and proactive monitoring sides of your project. If you are thinking about implementing SD-WAN but you don’t know where to start, reach out to us and let’s work through it together.

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