Enabling Business Insurance Services and Its Call Centres with SD-WAN

The ability to provide services to customers quickly and seamlessly is more important than ever today, especially as customers become less loyal to their providers. Staying competitive also becomes more difficult and companies that seek ways to simplify all processes while delivering a great experience will gain an edge.

Technology becomes that edge, but in order to leverage the technology, the network foundation must be established. In our latest case study, we take a look at how Simply Business, a provider of business insurance services with over 425,000 customers and offices in London, Northampton, and Boston adopted software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) to revolutionize its infrastructure.

What was the problem?

To support such a large customer base, Simply Business employed a 200-set call centre in addition to its other offices. To connect all its offices and the associated large number of network devices, Simply Business relied on MPLS, provided through one of Western Europe’s largest independent managed service provider.

However, Simply Business was finding it more and more difficult to manage the business to keep up with the increasing demands and fast pace of its customer base due to its reliance on MPLS. This MPLS network was very traditional in nature, using legacy hardware not designed or updated to handle the business-critical applications of a modern company, such as Twilio. The entire network was outsourced to their managed service provider. If changes were needed, a request was submitted to them. This became a bottleneck to the business as change requests took much too long to fulfill.

Simply Business had a tremendous reliance on its call center and the business depended on a high-quality voice connection. The inability to use MPLS to apply two-way quality of service (QoS) or gain clear visibility into network performance to determine network health was unacceptable. MPLS also prevented Simply Business from fully utilizing the two network connections installed at each site because they were deployed in an unmodifiable active/passive configuration.

Enter SD-WAN

Leveraging the expertise of a managed service provider, Breeze Networks, Simply Business replaced its entire MPLS network with VeloCloud SD-WAN. Simply Business’ call centres now used SD-WAN and software running in AWS. This deployment proved Simply Business’ innovation and forward thinking as its call centres were one of the very first to be run using SD-WAN.

Nearly immediately, Simply Business realized a substantial increase in its quality of service (QoS) and network visibility, allowing it to proactively address issues on the network to ensure a positive user experience for its customers.

Additional results included:

  • Easy and simple network configuration and management.
  • Implement change network-wide through a single profile.
  • Optimized bandwidth and Quality of Service (QoS).

To read the full case study and the details of the implementation and results, click here.


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