Extreme Performance Series at VMworld 2020

I’m excited to announce that the Extreme Performance Series is back for its 8th year with 11 sessions created and being presented by VMware’s best and most distinguished performance engineers, principals, architects, and gurus. You don’t want to miss this year’s program—it’s chock full of advanced content, practical advice, and exciting technical details!


Breakout Sessions

Spread across different VMworld tracks, you’ll find these sessions full of performance details that you won’t get anywhere else at VMworld. If you want to learn about how we make performance rock, be sure to check out these on-demand sessions.

HCP2583 vSphere Compute and Memory Schedulers
HCP1217 Monster Workloads on SQL, Oracle, SAP and More
KUB2323 vSphere with Tanzu Performance Deep Dive
HCP2232 Efficient, Sustainable and Performant: Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too
HCP2207 Benchmarking and the Cloud
HCP2206 Performance Best Practices
HCP1508 Innovations in vSphere 7 vMotion: Architecture and Performance
HCP1975 vCenter Performance Deep Dive
HCP1693 Performance Best Practices for VMware Cloud on AWS
HCP1281 vSphere Tags at Scale: Performance, APIs and Best Practices
ETML1443 Best Practices to Run ML and Compute Workflows with NVIDIA vGPU on vSphere


Hands On Labs

Don’t miss the new Performance-focused Hands-On-Labs.  These labs have been specially crafted to answer some of the most common performance questions and issues we are challenged with.  You’ll also learn about performance tools and how to use them.

HOL-2104-01-SDC Introduction to vSphere Performance
ELW-2104-01-SDC Expert Led Workshop: Introduction to vSphere Performance
HOL-2104-02-SDC vSphere Performance Testing of Workloads
HOL-2104-03-SDC vSphere Performance Testing of ESXi Host Subsystems
HOL-2104-04-ODY vSphere Performance Game (Odyssey)
HOL-2147-01-EMT Machine Learning using GPUs and CPUs in vSphere
HOL-2147-02-ISM Using Bitfusion GPU virtualization in vSphere
HOL-2147-91-ISM Using Bitfusion – Lightning Lab


Performance Engineering Survey

The VMware Performance Engineering team is always looking for feedback about your experience with the performance of our products, our various tools, interfaces, and where we can improve.  To participate in this survey please visit: (Note: Survey opens on Sept 29 for VMworld)



While VMworld online this year will be different, we’ll certainly miss meeting everyone in person, but we’ve still worked hard to create amazing content to boost your performance knowledge and skill.

Please join us at VMworld 2020!

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