The Extreme Performance Series at VMworld 2017

I’m excited to announce that the “Extreme Performance Series” is back for its 5th year, and with 7 additional sessions, it’s our largest year ever! These sessions are created and presented by VMware’s best and most distinguished performance engineers, principals, architects and gurus. You do not want to miss these advanced sessions.

Sessions and Group Discussion

Spread across four different VMworld tracks, you’ll find these sessions chalk full of performance details that you won’t get anywhere else. They’ll also be recorded so if the sessions you want to see aren’t being hosted in your region, you’ll still get access to it.

See the VMworld catalog for a more detailed abstract and list of speakers!

Session ID LAS BCN Title
SER1504BU vCenter Performance Deep Dive
SER1756PU X Customers Share vCenter War Stories
SER2734BU X Extreme Performance Series: Byte Addressable Non-Volatile Memory in vSphere
SER2849BU Extreme Performance Series: Predictive DRS – Performance and Best Practices
SER1494BU X Encrypted vMotion in vSphere 6.5: Architecture, Performance, and Futures
SER2724BU Extreme Performance Series: Performance Best Practices
SER2723BU X Extreme Performance Series: Benchmarking 101
SER2343BU Extreme Performance Series: vSphere Compute & Memory Schedulers
STO1515BU X Extreme Performance Series: vSAN Performance Troubleshooting
STO3189GU X Group Discussion: vSAN Performance Tips
VIRT1445BU Extreme Performance Series: Fast Virtualized Hadoop and Spark on All-Flash Disks
VIRT1397BU Extreme Performance Series: Optimize & Increase Performance of Mission/Business Critical Architectures Using VMware NSX and vRNI
VIRT2550BU X Reducing Latency in Enterprise Applications Caused by Hairpinning with VMware NSX
VIRT1052BU Extreme Performance Series: Monster VM Database Performance
VIRT1983BU X Making the Complicated Simple: Cycle Stealing from the VDI Estate for Financial Modeling and Simulation
VIRT1997BU X Machine Learning and Deep Learning on VMware vSphere: GPUs are invading the SDDC
VIRT2368GU X Group Discussion: Maximum Performance with Mark Achtemichuk
FUT2020BU Wringing Maximum Performance from vSphere for Extremely Demanding Workloads and Customers
FUT2761BU X Sharing High Performance Interconnects across Multiple VMs: Machine Learning and Scientific Computing Use-cases

TAM Customer Day

For our customers that are part of the TAM program, Performance will be represented with a unique performance breakout and specialist roundtables the Sunday before VMworld.


New this year for VMworld 2017 in Las Vegas, we will be offering a pre-VMworld bootcamp focused on vSphere platform performance.

vSphere Advanced Performance Design, Configuration and Troubleshooting

The VMware vSphere Advanced Performance Bootcamp provides the most advanced technical performance oriented training available about vSphere performance design, tuning and troubleshooting. VMware Certified Design Expert Mark Achtemichuk and a team of VMware Performance Engineers will cover a broad range of topics that cover all resource dimensions including the ESXi scheduler, memory management, storage and network optimization. Attendees will learn how to identify the location of performance issues, diagnose their root cause and remediate a wide variety of performance conundrums using the many techniques practiced by the most seasoned vSphere veterans and other VMware experts.

Ask The Experts

This program allows you to book some one-on-one time with various highly skilled VMware professionals. Performance experts will be available to sit down and talk with, as well as challenge them with your most difficult questions. This is a great forum to get specific questions answered or to explore your particular environment.

Hands On Labs

Lastly, don’t miss the new Performance focused Hands-On-Labs.

  • HOL-1804-01-SDC vSphere 6.5 Performance Diagnostics and Benchmarking

This Performance lab is always extremely popular and has been rebuilt to include topics such as using benchmark tools like DVD Store and Weathervane, rightsizing your virtual machines, how power policy affect performance and basic troubleshooting of CPU, MEM, storage and Network dimensions. With over 5 hours of content, you’ll need to take this lab several times.

  • HOL-1804-02-CHG vSphere Challenge Lab

This challenge format lab, in which you take the lead and diagnose and fix various vSphere issues, includes new scenarios around vNUMA, Latency Sensitivity, Poor Performance and Resource Pools. This is great way to experience some off the most common performance issues and how to resolve them in a fun and prescriptive way.

2017 will be a banner year for the Extreme Performance Series and we look forward to you joining us! Look out for a few surprises such as, draws for Frank & Niels new Host Resource Deep Dive Book (, performance stickers and I’m told Melvin the Monster VM will even make some appearances 😉

See you at VMworld 2017.

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