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New Fling released – IOInsight

By Sankaran Sivathanu

VMware IOInsight is a tool to help people understand a VM’s storage I/O behavior. By understanding their VM’s I/O characteristics, customers can make better decisions about storage capacity planning and performance tuning. IOInsight ships as a virtual appliance that can be deployed in any vSphere environment and includes an intuitive web-based UI that allows users to choose VMDKs to monitor and view results.

Where does IOInsight help?

  • Customers may better tune and size their storage.
  • When contacting VMware Support for any vSphere storage issues, including a report from IOInsight can help VMware Support better understand the issues and can potentially lead to faster resolutions.
  • VMware Engineering can optimize products with a better understanding of various customers’ application behavior.

IOInsight captures I/O traces from ESXi and generates various aggregated metrics that represent the I/O behavior. The IOInsight report contains only these aggregated metrics and there is no sensitive information about the application itself. In addition to the built-in metrics computed by IOInsight, users can also write new analyzer plugins to IOInsight and visualize the results. A comprehensive SDK and development guide is included in the download bundle.

The fling works with vSphere 5.5 or above and can be downloaded at


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  1. I have been looking for a feature like this for a long time. thanks for adding it. its a short time that i am using VMware, but really fail in love with it. it’s really lovely with unique experience.

  2. Hey, thank you for the heads up. We’ve been using our managed services monitoring tools to gives an indication of the baseline io behaviour of our HP sans. I’ll look into this update and see if it helps us.


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