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VMware published a paper
which shows that vSphere 4.1, out of the box, easily supports a
demanding SAP ERP installation by allowing administrators to either
scale up or scale out.

Scaling Up By Adding Processors

test scale-up performance, a similarly-configured physical machine and
virtual machine were used to see how many SAP users could be supported 
with one, two, four, and eight processors.

Figure 1. Number of users supported while scaling up virtual and physical (native) CPUs

the experiments, a virtual machine with 8 vCPUs was able to support
approximately 1,200 users, achieving 93%-95% of the number of users as a
similar native test.

Scaling Out By Adding Servers

4.1 can be scaled out to support larger user workloads.  A series of
tests with multiple virtual machines were run to compare the performance
of different scale-out scenarios with SAP.  The following graph shows
the scale-out test results and is highlighted by 16-vCPU tests.  These
tests showed that approximately 2,500 SAP users could be supported
using  four virtual machines each with 4 vCPUs, or 8 virtual machines
each with 2 vCPUs (for a total of 16 vCPU in both cases).

Figure 2. Scale-out test with 2- and 4-way VMs


test results for both scale-up and scale-out show that vSphere 4.1
provides good performance for SAP in a variety of environments.  To read
the full paper, see SAP Performance on vSphere with IBM DB2 and SUSE Linux Enterprise.