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VMware Cloud Verified Partners an essential ally

There is a perception in the market that hyperscalers are the only cloud endpoints that can help companies deliver on their cloud strategies. This is simply not true. At VMware, we have a global footprint offering multiple cloud solutions and have a local army of our own Cloud Verified Partners putting VMware validated local clouds, and not just local boots, on the ground.

This lets partners tailor solutions that support enterprise workloads at an individual customer level. For instance, VMware Cloud Verified Partners possess a global toolbox of proven industry solutions already used to build hyperscale clouds. And they come with the local knowledge and experience of what it means to do business in country and the ability to scale the cloud to the size suited to your business.

VMware Cloud Verified Partners are essential to providing customers with the peace of mind that they are knowledgeable in their area of expertise, and they provide a cloud ecosystem built on proven global best practices.

But what about those organisations who still have their data locked into legacy, on-premises platforms? Getting siloed data integrated into the cloud requires innovative technology and knowledgeable partners to create a bespoke strategy to empower the customer to adapt to changing market forces quickly. A VMware Cloud Verified Partner bridges the gap that exists between on-premises and the cloud.

Customised delivery

The hyperscale cloud platform delivered from locally hosted VMware verified hyperscale clouds ensures that systems, processes, and data run optimally. In many ways, it is through the ecosystems we build that customers benefit from a ‘private-cloud-as-a-service’, on-premises and even in a hybrid, hyperscale environment. Effectively, they are getting an authentic cloud experience regardless of the service provider and the model chosen.

Think of these partners as companies who sell vendor cloud services and host everything in a local data centre. Local customers benefit from a flexible environment not limited by the technical restrictions of a single cloud service provider. They also have the luxury of being billed in local currency instead of the complex quoting and billing process from the other hyperscalers where everything is charged for in small quantities.

Of course, going the multi-cloud route means not being locked into a single vendor. However, the risk in only approaching it like that is that it shifts the conversation elsewhere instead of focusing on the best practices for multi-cloud. Imagine the possibilities when attention moves to how a multi-cloud strategy centres on removing constraints instead of adding complexities.

VMware Cloud Verified Partners are therefore committed to injecting the business with much-needed agility and flexibility that can only be done through a trusted partner who knows about all aspects of the cloud.

Interested in using VMware Cloud Verified services? Need a cloud – a good cloud? Or want to enquire about being a VMware Cloud Partner? You can contact us here:


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