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Strategix has claimed Cloud Verified Status: But what does it mean for the business?

As a VMware partner that has recently achieved an Advanced Level status   Strategix Technology Solutions is now more than ever – focused on equipping customers across industry sectors with the capabilities to enhance their operational strategy.

But what does this mean for them? Essentially, VMware Cloud Verified status enables Strategix to provide customers with a combination of enterprise-grade cloud solutions backed by extensive local support. This ensures that companies can maximise their technology investment and access secure workloads in a powerful cloud environment at a local pricing structure.

More importantly, by achieving this status – it indicates that Strategix is now able to offer the complete VMware-based software defined data centre infrastructure delivered as a service. Enabling their customers to achieve unmatched levels of consistency, performance, and interoperability for both traditional or containerised enterprise applications based on the most advanced VMware cloud technologies.

This means that they are now able to assist their customers in achieving a true hybrid cloud within their own application framework, by providing them with the flexibility of extending their VMware cloud from private to hybrid at the touch of a button. With a heavy investment in VMware skills and certifications, Strategix can deliver even more flexible solutions at local call outs instead of having go through an international call centre.

Partners that are VMware Cloud Verified are able to provide organisations with complete and advanced VMware Cloud technologies, along with interoperability across clouds that will allow for a greater advantage in respect to their customers’ businesses. The most notable fact about Cloud Verified services delivered by VMware Cloud Providers is the ability to provide the efficiency, agility, and reliability inherent in cloud computing that empowers organisations with a simple and flexible path to the cloud.

With a global network of more than 4,500 cloud providers, VMware’s consistent cloud infrastructure to offers a wide array of services in over 120 countries, provide geographic and industry specialisation, and help customers meet complex regulatory requirements.   

If you are looking to become a Cloud Verified Partner, you can visit this link:


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