Arkin Acquisition will Further Simplify VMware NSX Operational Planning and Visibility


VMware NSX is experiencing tremendous growth across the board – in number of customer deployments, sales, and partnerships. Lots of organizations have been vocal in their support of NSX, including Heartland Payment Systems, University of New Mexico, Sugar Creek, Tribune Media, and many others. These customers are deploying NSX for use cases such as micro-segmentation, Read more...

VMware NSX, Convergence, and Reforming Operational Visibility for the SDDC


Through convergence, VMware NSX will substantially reform operational visibility for the era of the software-defined data center Executive Summary Since the launch at VMworld 2013, much of the discussion about VMware NSX has been focused on its core properties of agile and fully automated network provisioning; the ability to create fully functional L2-L7 virtual networks Read more...

Network Virtualization – Monitoring And Troubleshooting Series


This post was written by Martin Casado and Amar Padmanahban, with input from Scott Lowe, Bruce Davie, and T. Sridhar, and appeared on the Network Heresy Blog. There is a lot of discussion in the market surrounding. They will be publishing  a multi-part discussion on visibility and debugging in networks that provide network virtualization, and Read more...