This year’s RSA Conference ought to be good—and VMware is well represented among the
industry’s security leaders and pioneers who will discuss topics from network virtualization to data center security to Minecraft.

Overwhelmed by all RSA has to offer? Start by stopping by the NSX booth #3821. Then, on Monday, February 29, 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM, be sure to pop in on the VMware NSX Hands-On LabThis 4-hour HOL will offer participants a technical overview of all VMware NSX’s many security features, including the distributed firewall, edge firewall, data security, activity monitoring, and flow monitoring. Bring your own laptop for a hands-on learning experience, and become an (ahem) NSXpert on NSX’s many functions as a security platform. With space for just 42 stations, though, this HOL is guaranteed to fill up fast—so sign up now.

Then, continue on to a few of RSA’s excellent sessions. Here are a few that we’re most looking forward to:

Keynote: “Not Lost in Translation: Building an Architecture To Reshape Cyber Security,” with VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger

When the only thing outpacing growth in cyber-security spend today is growth in cyber-security losses, what we’re really missing is a dependable security architecture, one that can translate between the apps and data at the top of the value chain and the IT infrastructure below. In this inspiring keynote presentation on Thursday, March 3, CEO Pat Gelsinger shares his perspective on today’s opportunity to rethink and reshape cyber-security as we know it.

When: Thursday, March 3, 2:00 PM Add to Your RSA Schedule Now!

“Threat Modeling the Minecraft Way” with Jarred White, Security Architect for AirWatch Development

Jarred White is used to zombies, spiders, and creepers—from the world of Minecraft, that is. In this entertaining session, White will share stories about the myriad ways he’s died in a game that’s known for teaching players to solve puzzles, protect their loot, and survive in a world filled with peril. How have those experiences helped him sharpen his skills? Find out—and get inspired to design systems that will protect against your own real-world equivalent to Minecraft’s threats.

When: Tuesday, March 1, 2:20 PM – 3:10 PM Add to Your RSA Schedule Now!

“Transforming Security: Containers, Virtualization, and Softwarization” with Dennis Moreau, VMware’s Senior Engineering Architect

How can you improve security visibility, security analytics, system resilience and actionable context? By leveraging containers, network/endpoint virtualization technologies, and virtualized security instrumentation—concurrently. In this breakout session, find out how to increase your ability to secure all systems, and ensure their compliancy in any state wherein they’re driven.

When: March 2, 9:10 AM – 10:00 AM Add to Your RSA Schedule Now!

“Automation and Virtualization Simplify Life. Can They Simplify Security?” with VMware’s Staff Security Engineer Hadar Freehling and Director of Systems Engineering/Principal Architect Rob Randell

What can you do right now to take advantage of network virtualization as a tool for security? Find out at this breakout session, which explores the virtualization layer’s capability for simultaneous isolation and context, automatic detection, alerting, isolation, and remediation. You’ll leave feeling energized to implement ASAP.

When: March 3, 9:10 AM – 10:00 AM Add to Your RSA Schedule Now!

“The Future State of Security Starts with Virtualization,” with VMware’s Chief Technology Strategy Officer Guido Appenzeller and Tom Corn, VMware’s Head of Security Products

By transforming networking into a software industry, network virtualization has accelerated innovation. But what does virtualization mean for security more broadly? Can virtualization be a key weapon in the arsenal for improving IT security? If so, how? This wide-ranging discussion—which is sure to be one of VMware’s most popular at RSA—will cover all the essential topics around security and network virtualization. (Learn more about this session in our previous post: The Future State of Security Starts with Virtualization.)

When: Monday, February 29, 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM Add to Your RSA Schedule Now!