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The Multi-Cloud Expedition Episode 4 – Resilience Against Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks continue to be headline-making trouble for organizations. In the complexity of a multi-cloud world, preventing malicious attacks is even more difficult with so many additional attack surfaces.  With two thirds of organizations worldwide experiencing a ransomware attack in 2021, some argue breaches are inevitable.

How can you identify, mitigate, and recover from malicious attacks like ransomware in a multi-cloud environment? Join us on the Multi-Cloud Expedition – a Livestream series airing monthly on LinkedIn leading up to VMware Explore 2023 Las Vegas. On the Multi-Cloud Expedition, we’re bringing together Industry and VMware subject matter experts to discuss and demo solutions to the most pressing multi-cloud challenges today. 

In this episode of the Multi-Cloud Expedition, we’ll cover how VMware helps improve your security posture in a multi-cloud environment to identify, mitigate, and recover from malicious attacks.  We’ll be joined by industry expert, Kevin L. Jackson, CEO, GC GlobalNet, LLC., with insights on the changing security landscape in a multi-cloud world.  Followed by VMware Security and Networking subject matter experts to demonstrate VMware security, remediation, and recovery capabilities.

Host Alexander Romero, Senior Director of Cross-Cloud Services at VMware, will lead the discussion, covering these topic areas: 

  1. Discussion with Kevin L. Jackson
  2. Advanced threat prevention with lateral security in the multi-cloud
  3. Ransomware recovery

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Multi-Cloud Expedition Episode 4 – Resilience Against Ransomware Attacks Recap

Recording available on LinkedIn. Or YouTube with chapter segment details:

Chapter Segments:

0:00 – Start: What is the Multi-Cloud Expedition? How we define multi-cloud and the customer journey to cloud smart.

2:21Recap of episodes 1, 2 & 3.

4:00 – Overview of this episode: Network security with detecting anomalous behavior and recovering from ransomware attacks.

5:10 – Industry Expert Intro: Kevin L. Jackson, Digital Transformers

      Multi-cloud changes everything – understand all your cloud details including cost, monitoring, security, etc.

11:40 – Cloud as a consumption model vs owning infrastructure.

15:52 – New endpoint definition: the API vs a device.

19:33 – SME Intro: Chad Skipper, VMware Global Security Technologist

20:50 – The 1st step: Turning on the lights for network security. Visibility is key.

22:56 – Limiting the blast radius through understanding traffic flows with machine learning.

25:45 – Examples of anomalous behavior and finding threat actors living in an environment. Limiting activity through micro segmentation.

29:32 – Threat actors are staying in environments 277 days! Find them through network traffic analysis and observability.

30:50 – Demo: NSX Network Detection and Response watching malicious behavior that could have been prevented.

36:04 – ‘Detection mode’ allowed visibility to ransomware attack through network traffic analysis.

37:44 – Threat actors are doing double and triple extortion. Get a complete view into their activities.

42:36 – SME Intro: Yoomi Hong, VMware Director of Product Marketing

43:30 – Preventative measures to recover: operational hygiene and understanding new attack signatures of modern ransomware.

47:10 – Complexity of recovering and validating a safe recovery point.

49:20 – Demo: VMware Ransomware Recovery leveraging an Isolated Recovery Environment (IRE) to repair and recover a VM.

54:05 – Leveraging timelines in VMware Ransomware Recovery to find best recovery point.

56:09 – Level of Isolation available with VMware Ransomware Recovery and integration with NSX to avoid reinfection.

59:03 – Q&A – If someone has layer 3 or 4 inspection, what are benefits of also inspecting at application layer?

1:00:53 – Q&A – How is VMware’s Ransomware Recovery different than other solutions?

1:03:10 – Wrap up: Today’s topics review and look to our next episode on the Challenges of Mergers and Acquisitions.

The Multi-Cloud Expedition Livestream Series Continues 

Monthly from February to VMware Explore 2023 Las Vegas this year, we’re gearing up for a new edition of the Multi-Cloud Expedition. Wondering what’s next? Here’s what we’re planning (subject to change): 

  1. February 22: Increasing Developer Velocity
  2. March 21: Fundamentals of Cost, Observability and Security
  3. April 19: Advanced Strategies for Governance and Security
  4. May 10: Resilience Against Ransomware Attacks
  5. May 31: Challenges of Mergers and Acquisitions
  6. June 28: Modernization Your Datacenter for Multi-Cloud
  7. July: Simplified Kubernetes Management
  8. August: Zero-trust Network Application Protection
  9. August: VMware Explore 2023 Las Vegas


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