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Looking for Ways to Save on Cloud This Year?

With more than 80 percent of enterprises recently reporting their app workloads are distributed across data center, public cloud, edge, and co-location environments,1 it’s no wonder costs are top of mind.

Cloud investments promise to help business and IT leaders achieve cost and efficiency objectives. Yet for too many enterprises, the path to lowering cloud, particularly multi-cloud, cost of ownership remains elusive.

 A new article published on Forbes BrandVoice, “Do the Math: 4 Ways to Save 50% on Cloud in 2023,” illustrates important actions organizations can take to optimize costs and avoid paying twice, including:

  • Unifying operations and standardizing governance
  • Making on-premises data centers as efficient and scalable as public cloud
  • Leveraging existing skillsets
  • Automating security and networking, plus bolstering ransomware defense

In a comparison of two popular approaches to on-board multi-cloud—an instance-based traditional public cloud model versus VMware Cloud—it’s easy to see the primary cost advantages. All-in, they total 50 percent savings.

Read the article on Forbes BrandVoice

1 VMware, Inc. “VMware FY23 Workloads Tracker,” January 2022.

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