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Data Without Borders: A Sovereign-Cloud Approach

In a recent article in VentureBeat, VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram explores the ever-increasing business value of customer data. Mining this data can provide insights that reduce costs, boost employee productivity and enhance products and services. But organizations must maintain a careful balance between data monetization and ensuring that customer privacy is protected.

Maintaining data privacy requires navigating a complex array of data sovereignty laws across countries and economic zones, each with its own distinct and ever-changing regulations around data use. The penalties for failing to comply with these laws can be severe, and every organization has to weigh the value of analyzing customer data against the financial risks of doing so.

How can organizations maintain this balance and mine customer data for insights without the risk of betraying their customers’ trust? The answer lies in a multi-cloud strategy that leverages a global network of sovereign cloud providers. Multi-cloud enables organizations to:

  • Address the need for different data classifications
  • Align with national data laws and digital regulations within their sectors
  • Maximize the use of data to innovate while addressing sovereignty requirements

A sovereign-cloud approach is just one aspect of a cloud-smart strategy.

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