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Supercloud 2: Perspectives from Vittorio Viarengo and Kit Colbert

Last month, VMware CTO Kit Colbert and VMware VP of Cross-Cloud Services Vittorio Viarengo joined theCUBE for their second Supercloud event, Supercloud 2. The event also featured a variety of technology leaders, industry analysts, consultants and multi-cloud customers who shared their insights and best practices for managing multi-cloud complexity. 

The term “supercloud” describes an abstraction layer positioned above cloud infrastructure that unifies an enterprise’s private, public, edge and other clouds with a consistent operating model. By bridging their clouds, enterprises can more easily manage and secure their entire multi-cloud estate. VMware refers to the individual services that collectively build this abstraction layer as multi-cloud services, which we market under the name Cross-Cloud services.

Vittorio Viarango shares his perspectives at Supercloud 2

At Supercloud 2, Vittorio sat down with Dave Vellante and John Furrier from theCUBE. Some key topics they discussed include:

  • How most multi-cloud organizations now find themselves in a state of “cloud chaos,” struggling with the siloed nature of each of their clouds and losing control over costs and efficiency.
  • The parallel between virtualization as an abstraction layer and multi-cloud services—and how history is repeating itself.
  • The pillars of an effective multi-cloud abstraction strategy—observability, infrastructure, security, and a great developer experience—and where an organization should start.

“There is no single vendor that can solve all these problems. It’s got to be the industry coming together as a community.”

– Kit Colbert, VMware CTO

Dave and John also sat down with Kit Colbert and discussed:

  • Typical customer journeys to the cloud—from “cloud first” and “cloud chaos” to the ideal state of “cloud smart”—and how to skip the chaos phase.
  • The importance of a new architecture both for individual cloud services and a layer than spans clouds to help organizations become “cloud smart.”
  • Whether Supercloud should be a platform or an open architecture.
Kit Colbert speaks with theCUBE at Supercloud 2

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